Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Trama

I have a haircut appointment tomorrow for a cut and highlight. I'm going blond (er) now. Brunette was fun while it lasted, but I always go back to blonde. This is my hair today:The question is, do I do a major chop or do a trim? This is close to the longest I've had my hair. I havea strange fantasy of experiencing long hair once in my life. I can pretty much put it a pony without hair falling out of the bottom. However, I fear I look better with shorter hair. This is what I might go with: Granted every photo looks better when you have lost your pregnancy weight. I went clothes shopping on Saturday and when you spend extended amount of time in front of those mirrors it makes you do a reevaluation of yourself. I swore I would chop my hair and never eat another Christmas cookie. At least until I was home and not in front of mirrors again.

I like short hair. I like long hair. I change my mind every ten minutes. I don't like having to cut my hair every six weeks with short hair. I think I probably look better with short hair. How do people pull off long hair and look like they still have a style and not just plain long hair?

Do you have these tramas? Maybe I will decide on the way to the salon. Check back to see what happened...


  1. Good luck. I don't know what to tell you....but I can't wait to see what you do. I haven't had long hair forever. I think it is harder to do and my hair doesn't lay smooth and look I think short is for me, although Mitch would love for me to grow it out. Personally, I would love to hear how Krista N. thinks I should wear my hair. I am probably doing it all hair, my clothes, my make-up.

  2. My favorite is the haircut you had I think before one of your school reunions. Which I think you cut right before that reunion. I like you probably short. Doesn't matter the color

  3. I like you as a blonde. If your hair is to the point you can pull it back you are past the hard part. I thought Tristan liked you with short hair. Trent likes me with long hair but hates finding it everywhere in the bathroom. I regret cutting mine and going to grow it back out for him. I can't wait to see the pictures of your new hairdo! Thanks for posting pictures on the family blog. All the kids have grown a lot in 6 months.


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