Saturday, May 30, 2009

Capri is here!

Well, Capri Jasmine was born yesterday May 29th at 1:33 p.m. weighing in at 7lb 3 oz. I had a few sporadic contractions after they stripped my membranes on Wednesday but was not going into labor. They told me they would induce me on Friday, but apparently something good was happening 40 weeks ago because both hospitals were very full of expectant mothers this week.

Anyway, I called in at 6:00 a.m. yesterday and they told me to call back at 8:00. At 8:00 they told me to come in at 9:00. I got started on the Pit about 10:00 and was slowly progressing. It was the lightest epidural I've had, but at least I had one. At 1:00 they broke my water, and at 1:20 I was feeling A LOT of pressure and they rushing the Dr. because I was ready to go. This is the most I've felt and I have to say I REALLY admire those who go without one! It hurt.

The Dr. was kind of talking to the nurses saying I was close to being "abrupt" meaning something about the placenta tearing away and could cause the baby to swallow blood and we could both die. Luckily I didn't know what that meant until later and we are both fine. Thank goodness for miracles and modern medicine.

It does make me glad that I was induced but I was being so slow going into labor on my own because if my water broke it could have been scary geting there on time.

She is really quiet so far, but when she gets mad it is instant and bright red furious! I guess that is a girl for you. She is so perfect and we are so in love with her. She has been a stinky nurser so far but hopefully that will change.

Me before the pain:

Right after the ordeal.Bright eyes and a good amount of hair.Happy big brothers.
T didn't really want to see her or touch her.

Daddy's little princess:

My last is my smallest by 1lb 6 oz!

And the anticipated contest winners: Stacey at getting May 29th at 11:00 a.m. (only 2 1/2 hours off!)
A close to 2nd to Debbie and Kristen who also said the 29th!
And somehow my husband guessed the exact weight at 7lb 3 oz! Wow! Should he really count and get a prize? Joy was the 2nd place at 7lb 1 oz!
Good job everyone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This week in pictures

New basketball hoop.My tree is blooming! Daddy's new Birthday present. (A score at $15 regularly $60-go me!) Happy Birthday Babe!

A super easy volcano I made with the kiddo's.
More swimming fun!
I finally had to try out my maternity swimming suit, bought after #1 on clearance for $6.97. I was glad it got at least one use in it's life.

Baby update: For everyone who loves to hear every detail of people's pregnancies- I was dilated to 2-3 on Wednesday and 75% effaced. Not a whole lot is happening. I have an appointment on Wednesday, and hopefully I will look pitiful enough that she will induce me. I've tried to mow the lawn and take a few laps around the cul-de-sac and whole lotta notta! Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh Capri

Turn your sound back on and listen to this song. It was written for me and Capri this week. Just had to share.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Things I love about the last two weeks.....

Note: I'm not complaining or whining even though it may seem like it. I know too many people who would love to have these problems so they could bring healthy children into the world. I'm thankful everyday that I'm able to do that and I pray for my loved ones who have some of those trials. I just wanted to write down some thoughts....

1) I'm grateful that all of my children are (will be) born between Feb-early June. Today was hot enough to make me crazy. My crazy sister had a baby at the end of August. In Phoenix. Nuf said. I only have two pair of capris (one with a bleach stain) and two shirts that fit me comfortably right now. I guess I will be doing laundry every couple days until she decides to grace us with her presence.

2) I'm grateful that I get to learn how people with health problems feel. It is hard to almost feel like an invalid. I can't even walk up the stairs without feeling winded. It's hard to not be able to bend over and pick up that weed or toys, mow the lawn, bend to tie that shoe etc. etc. It's amazing how fast you forget this feeling once you have the baby. I'm grateful for my healthy body.

3) I'm always worried that I won't be able to handle the pain. I'm a wuss. I was the most spastic with B and have gotten better with the last two. I worry that I will go too fast to get an epidural. (It's hasn't happened yet, but you never know.) I admire you brave warrior women who go without one.

4) You would think with 3 other kids that one might know when she in labor. All three have been quite different, so will I recognize the feeling?

5) Figuring out how to take one more person to the store is always challenging. Being due at the end of school has it's advantages and disadvantages. One- I don't have to get anyone out the door, but at the same time I have to take everyone to the store and entertain them all day long.

6) I'm a person who needs my sleep. How long will I be a zombie with sleep deprivation? I know I have survived this three times and this too shall pass. You get through it. You learn to deal. Life does go on.

7) Having heartburn in the middle of the night until I finally have to go sit up and read for an hour until everything settles back down.

Will I survive this little person who needs me 24-7? Of course, kids are so worth it. I'm excited. I'm ready. I will just keep telling myself this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To be a kid again...

Of course as soon as T saw the neighbor girls outside yesterday in their
"wimming suits" we had to get out the sprinkler sit and spin. It provided a few minutes of entertainment for the cul-de-sac until they became icicles.
This week we went into Furniture Row to look at dressers and we came out with two dressers and a cool bunk bed,which Tristan and his dad put together yesterday. I guess I'm living my childhood dream through them, because I always wanted one.
Well, I'm almost thought we might have a baby this week for a few minutes. Thursday was not a good day and I was pretty close to going in. I was just having all sorts of pressure and pain. Under my belly has had the worse pains that I feel all day and all night, But, I decided it wasn't really labor. I did go in to get some nursing bras yesterday (I think the only male reader of this blog is my husband, so I can say that right?!) and I looked at the maternity belt.
I have to say, that this actually works. I wasn't sure if it was worth $18 for 17 more days until my due date. But if definetly is. I slept the best I have in a few weeks because I didn't have to turn over decide which side hurt worse. (The few hours I did get, we were out until 1:00 watching Angels and Demons).
Anyway, if you ever in need come and borrow mine. It works!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kettle Corn Lovers Rejoice!

My hubbie just made kettle corn! It is so good and tastes just like the fair.
We use our crank-stove top maker, so I'm not sure how you would it adjust for different ways. I'm in heaven! You gotta try it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A whole lot of blah, blah, blah

C's preschool graduation as promised. It was pretty funny.

I'm not a really great fort maker, so when I saw this pattern (click on the picture for the link) I decided to try to make one. It took a lot of patience and time, but I finished. Now when they want a fort it is as easy as getting out the card table and slipping this on.

You might want to make your vote on the baby weight a little bigger after seeing these pics. :) I'm definetly getting close. We made the butterflies for Grandmas for Mother's day and I held the camera straight up to take a pic. I didn't mean to capture the big belly but I guess it was hard to miss.
Hope you all had a great Mother's day. B told me he wanted to sleep with me in my bed on Saturday night for Mother's day. That would be the best present ever! But I said no.

We also had our friend and neighbor Kelby come tile our basement bathroom last week. He did a great job. He just has to seal it and we in are in business! Yeah!
Have you seen these? I saw them at the mini-bazaar and thought it was genius! You can snap on the clips and any blanket becomes a instant nursing blanket. I really wanted to buy one but I was too cheap. My MIL must have read my mind because she saw them and bought one for me. Thanks!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jello can never be creme brulee!

On Tuesday, I went to Taste of Home with the women in-laws. We try to make it every year.
I enjoyed the old cooking teacher and Karole Honas better, but it was still fun. We left at 5:00 and didn't get home until almost 10. I definitely thought I should win something since my Birthday was the next day. (Even if it was a box of potatoes!). Well, at the very end when they were giving away the food that was cooked during the show, I won 4 dishes of creme brulee and the ramekins! I don't think I've ever really had creme brulee. On our cruise I was too addicted to the molten lava cake to try it.
I had to force Tristan to take a bite just to say the he tried this delicacy. He's not big into dessert.
Anyway, I'm well into my 30's now! I had a great Birthday. The handsome men in my life gave me this lovely bouquet. C was in the bathroom when I got out of the shower and opened the door for me since it was my Birthday. I went out to lunch with Tristan and got a free Red Robin burger and a free cold stone. T made me french dip sandwhiches and onion rings. He gave me some cool ice cups, a new cutting mat (muchly needed) and some new kitchen gadgets. Thanks to everyone who thought of me, called, dropped something by. You made my day!

C also had two preschool graduations yesterday. His regular one and it was also his last day of the high school preschool. I saw these graduation caps and thought they would be fun to make for his gradution. They turned out pretty cute, but were very delicate. When I got home I thought, why did they have to be on sticks? Whey couldn't I have just made them and set them on a platter. They would have been just as cute and not such a nightmare to transport. Tristan thinks it's because I'm a direction follower. I guess I am on most things. Especially domestic things.

When I read a dinner recipe I can subsitute and mix and match, but other things I think I need to do everything. Are you a direction follower? Would you have thought to forgot the $%#@ sticks? I was inventive enough to not buy the expensive Godiva chocos as was recommended in the instructions. I borrowed my MIL's square temple mold and used the bottom for the top.

Anyway, it was a really cute program and my friend Joy does such a great job at preschool. C go the giggles and couldn't stop laughing, and then his friends couldn't stop laughing, and then the audience couldn't stop laughing. I might to try to post a video if I get a second later.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Contest

Well, I put this is on my family blog, but as I was laying awake after the power outage woke me up, I thought I should put it on here too. (I know-pathetic-I think about my blog when I lie awake at night. Like Tristan needs more ammunition.)

Anyway, here is the deal. Leave your answers in a comment. The person that wins that closest to the babies birthdate and time will win a prize. And the person that gets the closest to the weight will win a prize. (Family members, you are welcome to enter on both blogs, but I will only be giving prizes away on this one.)

Like the pay it forward contest, you better give me a year to redeem your prizes. Don't worry my three winners of that contest. I haven't forgotten about you.

Here are my previous facts: B-3 days early 8lb 90z, C- 9 days early 7 lb 10z, T-(induced 5 days early, 7 lb 11 0z.) My due date is June 2nd.

So, here are your questions to answer in a comment:

1) Date baby is born

2) Time baby is born

3) Weight of baby

4) Sex of baby
Let's say you have until Saturday night at midnight to enter. Good luck.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Going girly

I've been having fun going girly lately. I wanted to try out some headbands for Capri, but they were so fun I had to make a couple of hairclips for myself. They were easy and so fun. And she might end up being a tomboy with all of these boys so I have to get my girly fix in early. T was thrilled to be the model. This better end up being a girl. It can't happen to me twice. I might be crying my eyes out nursing a baby boy in a purple room. If that really happened someone might have to come in a repaint and curtain. Today Tristan worked hard getting Capri's room all set up. I made the artwork to go on her wall. I will add pictures once I get some!

Not that boys can't be really sweet. Today B&C woke up and come asked me in bed what I wanted for breakfast. I told them Honey Nut Cheerios thinking they would bring it to me. That apparantly wasn't the plan, so I got up and had soggy cereal and this sign taped to my chair. What sweet little guys.
It's always a great feeling to know you have a big food storage. Tristan worked hard getting this organized today.