Monday, July 20, 2009

Spreading the word...

Most of my local peeps probably already got this, but I thought I would do my part in spreading the word.

HELP a Family in NEED!
The Nebeker family is in need of your support. As you may or may not know? Evan was recently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. With Evan not being able to work as he fights for his life, it has put severe financial strains on the family. They have 3 small children and Krista is due with their 4th child at the end of August.
We are doing this fundraiser to help them out any way we can. We have contacted the Idaho Falls Chucker's and they have graciously supplied us with tickets for Friday August 28th @ $6.50 a ticket. They will donate $4.00 of that to the Nebeker family!
So, we are looking for your help. If you would like to purchase a ticket please contact Randy or Tamara Smith at 522-7399 or 317-3117 as soon as you can! You can also e-mail Karla Clark at
We are trying to sell out the stadium!!!
Please, if you are not interested or cannot attend, at least spread the news!!!
Thank You for your Support!


  1. Julie, hearing this just breaks my heart. This is what Jack's sister has. It's been rough, but we are hoping for the best. I hope that you guys get a lot of support and raise the money that is needed! Good Luck!

  2. They are doing a good job of advertising to the baseball/ softball fans. We saw the flyers at the ball fields. Hopefully the local media will get involved. It is such a great cause. I was impressed the Chukkars were donating more than half of the ticket prices. Good luck at filling the stadium. Idaho Falls is great at supporting good causes.


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