Friday, September 4, 2009

He had his head decap-ditated

(You have to watch the Office to get that one!)

Today's project: Baby-Bear Blanket

My modification- Of course I'm not going to sew my own teddy bear as suggested in this tutuorial. Who do you think I am? Martha??!!

I just followed the directions there to make the blanket.

Then I cut a DI teddy bear under the arms and hand-stitched the teddy bear to top layer of the blanket.

She loves it already!


  1. This turned out to be sooo adorable!! I love how easy it is to use a toy teddy bear. I also have no desire to make my own stuffed teddy bear. THANKS for sharing!

  2. Where do you find the time? You are pretty darn close to Martha. I wish I were there to hold her and play with the boys. T really misses the kids. Keep up the projects, it makes for a happy Mom.

  3. Mitch's mom made Tyson a dog blanket when he was born. It was kind of funny cause she cut the dog in half and put the head on one corner and the bum and tail on the other corner.

  4. That is so cute! I want to try it! You'll probably have to help me though! :-)

  5. You are so clever! That is a cute project!!

  6. That is a cute idea, and it turned out really adorable.

    Okay, so I watch the office and I am a huge fan. I don't get the title of this post??

  7. Jana-I'm actually retarded and didn't say it right. It was supposed to be "he had his cap-detated." When Michael was talking about his boss that died or something. I was going to redo but I had already posted the link at a couple of places and couldn't change it.

  8. I am planning on making my little girl one of these for Christmas - so stinkin' cute!


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