Thursday, November 19, 2009

Personalized spice rack

Today I'm doing this post to enter Blue Cricket Designs show and tell they do every Wednesday. You can show off something that you've made and then go check out others awesome ideas. You should play too.

Anyway, when we painted we did a good clean and kind of accessed what wasn't being used etc. And we came across the spice rack we got ten years ago for our wedding. (Sorry I didn't take any before pictures, I didn't know I would be posting this).

I realized that we really didn't use many of the spices very often and it was taking up counter space. I thought I would maybe use it for my scrapbooking embellishments, but then I realized we do have many spices in the pantry that we do use, so why not make it more useful.

So, here are the steps. 1)Empty spice jars, peel off the labels and clean thoroughly.
2) Clean the rack itself and then sand it down.
3) Paint the rack in your color of choice.
4) Fill the jars with spices you like. Our grocery store here sells spices in bulk pretty inexpensively. Mine weren't even all spices. I put cream of tartar in one and flax seed we sprinkle over meals to add a nutrition to, in another.
5) Print out the names of the spices you are using onto cute scrapbook paper using cute font (like CK Becky from Creating Keepsakes, my favorite font ever!)
6) Trace around the lid on your printed words and cut out. I inked the edges of mine. Mod Podge onto the lid, let dry, then mod podge the top a couple of times. Then spray with a finish spray, reassemble and you are done.
Now, I think this spice rack will be used again.


  1. This is so awesome! I love customized projects! Thanks for linking! See ya next Wednesday for even more linking fun!


  2. Great idea! Much easier to find what you need this way too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great to add a personal touch in organizing your spices. Cooking will be much more rewarding with this spice rack in the kitchen.


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