Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This weeks projects

My good friend Tammie sent me this link for a onesie dress and I had to try it. For me being domestically challenged, it took me three tries to get it right. The first was horribly crooked and too short, the next one was so long I made C's four-year-old friend try it on over her pants and it fit perfectly, but the third time was a charm. It was a great learning experience for me to try out a ruffle and working with elastic for the first time.
Of course I took her to the Women's Broadcast in it and she lasted about 20 minutes before she had a blow-out and I had to take her home to change.

I also worked on some crocheted flower clips. The first step is to get your fabouslessly talented sister-in-law Emily to crochet the flowers for you (thank you!), then you sew on a button and glue to clip. How sweet is that!
And finally I had to get on record that someone other than me ate lettuce at my house. (You coudn't pay my husband enough to eat lettuce). But the other day we had a few friends over and they pulled some lettuce out of my garden and had a little "salad" snack. Notice how T wouldn't even touch the stuff.

Monday, September 28, 2009

One of those random pajama parties that happen sometime

One Friday afternoon, as soon as my kids came from school they wanted to have a pajama party and invite the neighborhood. Since you are only a kid once, I let them. I asked what they were going to do at the party and they announced that they would play games and eat cookies. I asked if they made any cookies, and they shook their heads in confusion. Don't cookies just appear out of nowhere?
Luckily their dad took pity on them and made each kid a cup of popcorn. It was a hot day! Poor Q (in the long red PJ's). To be a kid again..
I've been informed that a Witches and Wizards party is coming soon. Oi.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Someone was nice enough to request (or humor me :) for the tutorials on some of my projects I have posted. Here goes:

Rag Bag: My way-got the purse at DI. Pinned one of my hair flowers to the top.

Lined basket: My way-Didn't use pinking shears, just sewing scissors. I did sew the raw edges down at the top.

Tile-pendant necklace:My way- Tristan got the tiles at Home Depot. Not as smooth as clear as the ones on the tutorial, but still unique and cool. Also couldn't find diamond glass around so I just traced the scrapbook paper around the tile, mod podged it to the tile, then mod podged it to the back, then used jewelry glue to attach the bail to the back.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, we finally decided to take our kids to see the National Park in our backyard this weekend. I haven't been since I was probably in Junior High or something. It was pretty cool. The geysers are amazing. The kids did pretty good. The girl C doesn't really love being in her carseat.

Jackson Hole: No, your eyes do not deceive. I am no longer a blonde.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cute, ugly, or cuegly??

Once I read a craft blog call cuegly because she never knew if her stuff was cute, ugly, or cuegly. That is how I feel a lot of times. This is an attempt at a rag purse that I made. I'm not sure what to think. I like to make funky things sometimes but I don't think I have the personality to pull it off. I don't really like drawing attention to myself, and this definetly would!

There was a lady who used to be in my ward that could get away with wearing anything! And she did. This might end up as a terrific dress-up for the girl C. Would you wear it? I have finished a couple of other projects that I thought turned out more cute than ugly.
Tile pendant necklaces:
And with a little spray paint and some cheap pre-quilted fabric, I turned this DI basket into a shoe basket for the basement.

Oh yeah, and I still have a family. Together we.... watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. So cool! And we checked out the BMX bike track

Friday, September 4, 2009

He had his head decap-ditated

(You have to watch the Office to get that one!)

Today's project: Baby-Bear Blanket

My modification- Of course I'm not going to sew my own teddy bear as suggested in this tutuorial. Who do you think I am? Martha??!!

I just followed the directions there to make the blanket.

Then I cut a DI teddy bear under the arms and hand-stitched the teddy bear to top layer of the blanket.

She loves it already!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Indian days of summer

Where did we get that saying anyway?
Anyway, it definitely doesn't feel like fall yet around yet. It feels more like we should be getting the slip n slide out than sending kids off to school. I like it. I know people who are from hot climates can't wait for fall, but I'm Ok with more heat. Mostly because around here it seems like you get about a week of jacket weather before you are in a deep freeze for many months.

Anyway, need some ways to keep summer alive? Here are two treats we have tried recently that scream summer. (sorry no visuals today)
1) Old fashioned lemonade: This is so yummy and tastes just like something you would get at fair or Disneyland or something.
2) Watermelon Bars: I love watermelon and always wondered if you could make something out of it. I tried this tonight for ladies cheesecake night (I know it's not really cheesecake. I was going to introduce fall by making pumpkin cheesecake when I decided to make this instead) I made it this morning and I had to sample it to make sure it was edible. Yum!

A little more work than I have putting into baking lately (which if it doesn't come in a box, it doesn't get made) but worth the effort. I actually bought whipping cream instead of heavy cream on accident, but I think it works fine. La Tisha-you can copy my recipe tonight with this link.