Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogger Smogger

I'm not sure if I have anything "blogworthy" to post today, but it's been a while I guess. (At least for me)

Capri will be 4-weeks-old tomorrow which means that school has been out for 4 weeks.
What have we done in the last 4 weeks? B had pneumonia and an ear-infection. I just thought he was being a summer party-pooper, but I guess he wasn't feeling well for quite a while! He feels better now. He also had his big toenail removed (I told you I don't have much to post!)
We have been loving the last three days of warmness with no rain! Is there anything better on earth than a warm summer evening?
Here is Capri trying out her bumbo. Still needs a stronger neck, but I think this will be a very nice thing to have when she is a little older.
We went swimming tonight. She slept the whole time and didn't even get her little toes wet, but she still wore her swimming suit!
I got my hair cut and highlighted today. I have to say that I don't consider myself a high-maintenance gal but I do love my highlights. So worth it! If I had expendable income I would have someone wash and style my hair everyday. Maybe someday when I'm feeling frivolous I will go and get my hair done and buy every styling product that was used. It's always feels so good when it's done.What else is new? I need to get done one pant size. It's not the ideal size, but most of my clothes are in that size and my wardrobe option would be greatly improved. Am I excited to starve myself to get to that size, not so much! Until then, I guess I will just do laundry every other day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Capri photos...

I took Capri today to get pictures taken from Hattie Bates. Check them out here. Go to online ordering and the password is Capri. Pretty cute. I'm going back on Friday to get some more.

Friday, June 12, 2009

There is a difference between boys and girls...

Capri had her two-week check up today. Yeah! I survived the first two weeks! She slept for a 5 1/2 hour stretch last night. Victory! First I had to compare bouncy chair pictures to see who she looks like the most...

B? C?
Or T?Maybe a skinny version of B the most? She is so tiny compared to my others. She weighed 6 lb 14 oz. today. Not back to her birth weight. I had to look to see what the others weighed at two weeks. B gained 15 oz., C gained 1lb 7 oz at his two weeks, and T gained 14 oz at his two weeks. It's kind of fun to have a tiny one for a change. Although, she has a lot of cute summer clothes she needs to fit in by the end of the summer!
Here she is!

B&C had their first T-ball game the other day. It's nice to have them on the same team. B had to be a bit dramatic for his slide-ins.

Tristan took the boys with my dad to see a big fancy old airplane that I have no idea what the name of it is.
That only took me three hours to complete this post. Have a great day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where it all began....

My sister just blogged a pic and wrote about how and where I found out I was pregnant with Capri (and she forgot to add that C was in the bathroom with me) Check it out here (at the bottom of the post).

Had to laugh.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pardon our dust, we are remodeling our lives...

This morning after Tristan and I both looked like we had been hit by a Mack truck (due to our finally getting some sleep starting at 3:30 a.m.) I announced that I had a scout meeting at 10:00. He said, "Honey, I think you have a get out of meetings-free card. You have a one week old. We need to put a sign on our door that says, "Pardon our dust, we are remodeling our lives...". But the good news is that during the remodel things looks messy, but the result is always something beautiful!

Ok, Ok. I admit. We are in survival mode. If we have something to eat and semi-clean clothes that would be a sucessful day around here for now.

And falling into the not so helpful category....
I called the lactation specialist on Wednesday morning during the height of the crisis, right? So last night (Saturday night) and 9:00 p.m. I am holding Capri and watching TV when the phone rings. Tristan and I are too tired to run upstairs to get it, but lo and behold the lactation specialist is calling me back. Ok, a breastfeeding problem usually isn't one that can wait a few days if you know what I mean. Maybe if I was calling a seamstress to see when she could sew on a button on a old shirt that would be Ok.

But we weren't exactly sitting around waiting for her to call to see to help solve our problem. After that many days most people would have either figured it out or given up. Thanks anyway for the call! :) (I'm not bitter. I'm really not. I'm just glad she figured it out. Or am I? Ha Ha)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Capri 4- Parents-1

That's kind of how our nights have been going, but whose keeping track? She likes to be up anywhere between 12-6 and sleep all day.

T decided she wasn't too bad and is doing very well. Better than expected. He has a lot of questions and keeps talking about how she was the Dr (the hospital). He likes to check to see how many eyes "he" has open.Mr. C turned 5. He chose Superman and Batman chocolates. He got the Batcave. He is probably my favorite to give presents too. He gets very excited.A little rain never stopped anyone.
Thanks for everyone's comments and support on the breastfeeding. I admire all of you amazing women who pumped for months and kept with it. I wouldn't have stuck with it that long. And my husband has cabbage on his list to buy tonight. Thanks for the tip. She is doing better. It's still a small fight with every feeding but at least we are getting somewhere.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breastfeeding Battle

I suppose everyone will live without a visual this time. :)
Breastfeeding-the most unnatural thing in the world. Please don't think I'm on the verge here. I'm doing fine. I love my baby. However, it is day 4. Usually the time when baby blues hit me the most. Before that you feel pretty good. You've only had a few days of horrible sleep. You think your baby is so cute that for a few seconds, you even think about having another one.

And then your milk comes in. And you've had three nights of no sleep. And your kids are fighting. I wish I was one of those people who have no problems at all with breastfeeding. It was always something I planned on doing. With B, every nurse in the hospital had mandhandled me to get him to nurse. I was afraid to go home without that help. When I got home, he was fine and I nursed for year.

With C, he latched on fine at the hospital but when my milk came in he refused. I would bawl in the night and declare that it was over. Then bawl in the morning because I didn't want to be done. I finally went to lactation and he finally got it and I nursed for 10 months.

I don't remember any problems with T. Heavenly Father was blessing us because it was tax season I suppose. I must have been sick of either being pregnant or nursing and wanting my body back because I stopped at 8 months.

With this one I was actually looking forward to it. I have had enough of a break that I really wanted it to work. Plus, if she is my last it will be my last time to do it. She nursed for a few minutes after she was born. Then after some struggles she nursed at 10:45 that night. Then she refused for about 1 1/2 days. I finally got her to do it again and things were going great. Then last night my milk came in and she hasn't nursed since. And I am engorged and in pain.

This morning I went and used my giftcards to Wal-greens and got a breast pump. I also got two other devices that are supposed to help with latch on. One is a nipple shield and one is a latch attach (if you are still reading this-bravo. I probably would have stopped at the word nipple).
Anyway, I tried them both and she didn't really care. She wanted nothing to do with it.

They say breastfeeding is so much cheaper but by the time I spent $80 in nursing bras, then breast pads, pump, little devices it is adding up. I know over the course of a year then it will be worth it. But what if she never gets it?

I know I should call lactation. I've been trying my hardest to avoid it. I know they are great and knowlegable people but they usually shriek at the word formula. Do they have to be so extreme? When I called to talk with them about C she told me I must stop using formula right away. Ok. I've got a 6 day screaming his head off in hunger. What do you suggest?

Maybe the hospital has a new lady who would be a little nicer. Why are we made to feel less of a woman if this doesn't come naturally?

Oh well. This too shall pass. I just wish I was looking back on this memory instead of having the sorest breasts in the all of the land at the moment. Thanks for letting me vent.