Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All I ever need to know I learned from blogs...

I have a new addiction. It all started when my husband told me about a card table fort his mom made him when he was little. Knowing the Internet would have the directions I googled it. I found a blog with step by step instructions complete with pictures. Perfect for the people like me who need very explicit instructions. One thing led to another and now I have a whole ream of paper printed with ideas from these awesome blogs. Someday I may get to most of them.

I've even had time to make a few! I made 27 glow-in-dark washer necklaces for my family reunion this weekend! The glow-in-the dark part I added when I found some glow-in-dark modge podge and had to use it one something. They won't light the way in the dark or anything but they do glow. These took a looooog time to make this family. My family better appreciate it!

Notice the new $2.99 Old Navy shirt!

I love all of the fabric tutorials I have found. For my pay-it-forward contest winners I made these flowers and put them on jars with dinner conversations starters for your family. We've done it a couple of times and the kids love it.

Now some of these you might be receiving for Birthday/baby gifts etc. and you still have to act suprised and think I'm talented!Tile and scrapbook paper necklace:Cloth baby ring toy:Cloth crinkly baby toy:This was supposed to be stacking blocks for babies but turned into a pin cushion instead.

I also found a syrup for snow cones recipe. Don't look too closely at any of these, but I did have a fun time making them. If you are interested in the sites for any of these let me know and might still be able to find them.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer is for..

Sprinklers under trampolinesSwimming lessons
Smiling during swimming lessons in the van because it was raining
Lava Hot Springs. We love Lava Hot Springs. And it is cheap! (Except they made me pay 1.50 for my 8 week old) This is her first swimming experience. She didn't mind the water. (Except she didn't appreciate chlorinated breastmilk)(Notice the impressive synchronized swimming the background)And for looking pretty in your fancy smancy church dress. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spreading the word...

Most of my local peeps probably already got this, but I thought I would do my part in spreading the word.

HELP a Family in NEED!
The Nebeker family is in need of your support. As you may or may not know? Evan was recently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. With Evan not being able to work as he fights for his life, it has put severe financial strains on the family. They have 3 small children and Krista is due with their 4th child at the end of August.
We are doing this fundraiser to help them out any way we can. We have contacted the Idaho Falls Chucker's and they have graciously supplied us with tickets for Friday August 28th @ $6.50 a ticket. They will donate $4.00 of that to the Nebeker family!
So, we are looking for your help. If you would like to purchase a ticket please contact Randy or Tamara Smith at 522-7399 or 317-3117 as soon as you can! You can also e-mail Karla Clark at kandc97@gmail.com
We are trying to sell out the stadium!!!
Please, if you are not interested or cannot attend, at least spread the news!!!
Thank You for your Support!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Of course, I can't still can't believe I have a real live girl and have to take a picture just because she is so dang cute!Can you guess how far apart in age these babies are? (He lives across the street) He is only ten days older!They are already holding hands (we didn't stage it I promise!).Do your otter pop scissors magically walk off on their own? And then you are forced to use "mommy's good pair" that then gets all sticky and disappears too. My hubbie decided to tie a pair to the pencil sharpener in the garage. I thought it was kind of clever!We had fun at Splash Park. It was very crowded, but the kids had fun with their cousins.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Splash Park Day UPDATE

My sister-in-law must be on the same vibe as me because she just called to invite me to the Splash Park tomorrow. However, she is going to be there at 10:30. So, I think I will be going at the that time. Of course, you are welcome to come at that time or stick with the 1:30 time. My kids will probably be bored by then and we might not still be there. Thanks-Julie

Splash Park Day

Hey my local peeps! We are meeting at the Rexburg's Splash Park at Porter Park tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30 to let the kids play.
Take Exit 333
Turn RIGHT onto W MAIN
Turn RIGHT onto 2ND ST
End at 200 W 2nd S Rexburg, ID 83440

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursing + DVR=Mommy's TV Time

Normally summer time isn't a time to watch a lot of TV for me. Who wants to be inside when life is so beautiful outside? But let's face it nursing a baby every 2-3 hours for 15-30 minutes at a time can get a little boring. I do like the snuggle time, but I can only gaze into her loving eyes for so long.

I know you have to sit to feed a baby a bottle too, but you can hand off the child, get up to answer the door (which is probably my own child to lazy to come to the door that is open!), or to yell at the three-year old who is spraying water into the house and laughing his head off when you tell him to stop. He seems to know that I can't get up to really do anything about it.

Anyway, needless to say I've been watching a little TV this summer while I feed her. Here are my top 4 current favorites:
HGTV Showdown: If only I had my own studio with everything I would ever need to decorate including carpenters and a personal paint store, my house could look like that.

The next food network star. I don't watch a lot of food network except the Challenges occasionaly, but I do like this one. I think Melissa and Jerry will be finalists. I probably like Melissa more, because she being a stay-at-home I might ever try her food. Probably not though. My question is that if Michael hated cameras so much, why was he normal for the interviews? Was he not in front of a camera for that?

I started watching "So you think you can dance" a few weeks before my due date when I could no longer move. In fact I was laying on the couch watching this while I was waiting to be induced. I fast-forwarded through most of the auditions, but I have to say that I'm really enjoying watching the finalists. First, because I appreciate current music more when it is put to dance. Even in high school I couldn't tell who any current singers were. I was in love with Peter Cetera in high school. (Yes, you can make an L on your forehead now). But when a song is put to video or dance I can like it more. I've never been a fan of Beyonces music, but after I heard Halo on the radio recently and liked because I saw it on this show.
I've also discovered that Hip Hop dance in this setting can be really cool. Not that I would ever watch it on MTV or listen to the music, but on this show the funky hip hop is pretty cool. I wish I could move like that! I think all of the girls are pretty good but I probably like Jeanine and Randy the best. Ade would probably be my favorite guy. And then there is the host Cat Deeley who is so totally gorgeous, and actually seems like a nice person too-which makes you want to hate her even more!
And last but not least is "America's got Talent". I've never watched any of this before, but it's semi-entertaining if you are desperate enough. I can't stand the ridiculous plants they put on there, where the act is so bad you know it can't be real. I did like the Mormon mommy dancers from Utah. I thought it was funny that David Hasselhof said all people from Utah have the same white smiles! I also like the Acrodunks too. My question is that they let so many people go to Vegas that how are they are going to weed them out to get a winner? That seems like it will take forever.

Are you into any shows lately?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Six-week appointment

I just got back from my six-week appointment:

1)Now I have no excuse not to exercise anymore.
2) I told myself I would start potty-training the 16-year-old (or is he 3?) again when Capri turned 6-weeks. What excuse can I use now to put that off again?
3)Why do they never tell you your weight when you are prego, but feel free at your 6 week. I didn't really want to know. Now I know exactly how much I need to lose. Welcome to being hungry for the rest of my life. Yeah!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

She's like a princess...

We had a busy but fun weekend with the 4th of July and Capri's baby blessing. Like many of you have said, I love the 4th of July and I have been in Maryland, Utah, California, and Seattle for the 4th and nothing really beats the 4th of July here.

Here is B's favorite thing to do: Hold Capri. He would do it all day if she didn't cry.

We made a little patriotic treat.
Here is a cute little robe Jody gave Capri. Can I just tell you how much fun it is to dress a girl? It's my favorite part of the day. I want to take a picture of her with every outfit she wears!My sistas came for the blessing and the 4th. Here is Diana with my "twins".
And Rachelle with Capri.Hanging out at the parade.We have a big BBQ party at my bro-in-laws house. It's a big party complete with water baseball,and a water balloon launcher. Tristan took B to the fireworks while the rest went to bed. I was sad to miss it but it was for the good of the family. We'll be back next year!And then today we had our baby blessing for Capri. My amazing and talented friend and neighbor Joy made this beautiful blessing dress. No pattern, she just found a picture online. Isn't it so pretty? Just look at our family picture at the top. She is glowing like an angel! T saw her and said, "She is like a princess!" She didn't cry and Tristan did a great job on giving her the blessing. It is always an great experience and makes you remember what is important. I'm so grateful for my eternal family.