Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Saturday

Ok, ever since we had a photography enrichment last year, I've been trying to take more and better pictures. I think I went too far when I took over 50 pictures yesterday and it wasn't even Christmas! I think I have a problem. Although, some of the problem is that sometimes my camera either spontaneously or with the help of a naughty child turns into "burst"
mode and takes three pictures at once. Anyway, I did delete the bad ones and got it down to about 30.

Don't worry--you don't have to see all of them, but here are some highlights:

Ammon Days: Ammon started doing Ammon days a few years and my kids love it. Lots of free food and activities.

Brandon climbed the climbing wall, and since he was cursed with his mother's wuss genes, this was a big accomplishment. He even made it to the top with a little encouragment.

The boys also enjoyed the free bouncy slides:

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without some quality time spent with the Star Wars characters.

Then for our evening activity, we had to do a favorite Idaho Falls activity. Go feed the ducks.

When we ran out of our one loaf of bread, Tristan was even nice enough to drive us to the store and buy another loaf and come back. Not something I would have done!

I didn't realize I had twins who were born 20 months apart!

Now, we will be off on our trip. I bet you can't to hear our travel log!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have a first grader!

Today I am old enough to have a first grader. I still remember 1st grade and Mrs. Jensen (who still teaches 1st grade at Hillview!) I also think it was a reality check for Mrs. Almond to see me last night, because she taught me in 4th grade. She said she hasn't had many 2nd generation students yet. It's going to be weird and nice to have Brandon gone allll day. I hope Creighton and Tyce become closer and Brandon can handle being away that long.

Tristan in 1st Grade: (I think) I can't get the words to coordinate, but you get the idea!

Me in 1st grade:

When I got home I found that Creighton and Tyce wanted to be in on the action and put their backpacks on too.

Now I better quit procrastinating and go get some things done to get ready to leave next Tuesday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy Son/Mommy Son Dates

Last month we started a new tradition (that we copied from Travis and Megan). Each month Tristan and I take turns taking one kid out by themselves. Last month, Tristan took Brandon took a Chukars game and he enjoyed not having to deal with little brothers and ask as many questions as he wanted to.

This month, I told Creighton it was his turn and he said, "You mean the night that I get to go without Daddy, or Brandon, or Tyce, just me!" Needless to say he was excited.

He chose to go bowling and then get Artic Circle sundaes to eat at Falls Valley.

At the bowling alley, we took turns taking each others pictures. Every time he bowled he had to run back to the TV to see what he got.

This night was definetly worth the $8 that we spent. It's very nice to have your kids one and one every once in a while, so it feels more than quality time rather than herding kids from place to place.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls Night Out and Broken Wires

For the last 3 (maybe 4) years, a few women in our neighborhood have been getting together for a "girls night out" type of thing. It started out with 6 of us, and we would bring cards to make and exchange. It turned into 14 of us, and sometimes we exchange premade cards, but the most important part is the dang good smorgasborg of food we eat and the chance to have some adult conversation.

This month was my turn and everyone brought their wedding albums for us to look (and sometimes laugh) at. I also e-mailed all of the husbands some questions and we played a "newly-wed" type of game. The answers were very entertaining and we had a good time.

We borrowed my in-laws big canopy and stayed under it during some serious rain, but we were dry and having a good time without being interupted by children asking for snacks.

I'm grateful I have such good friends in this neighborhood and that our husbands let us get out once a month!

The only bummer is that I broke my permanent retainer eating some good crusty bread with artichoke dip!

This of course happened on a Friday night. It didn't feel too bad so I went to bed. The next morning I went to the cannery and by the time I got back there was an one inch wire sticking into my tongue.

Our dentist (and good friend) Josh Bell of course had to be on vacation. The only dentist I could find was in the mall, and they were open until 2 but wouldn't answer their phone. I drove over there only to find that they had a power outage and were closed for the day. I then drove to about 6 other dentists offices to find them all closed.

I arrived home close to tears because I was in so much pain and didn't think I could wait until Monday for relief. You wouldn't believe how much pain a teeny wire can cause.

Tristan told me to stick some chewed up gum on the wire, and that kind of worked, but was still annoying. And then the answers to my prayers came! I have a custom made plastic tray for teeth whitening and conforms to my teeth. Heaven sent answer! I don't think I would have made it through this weekend without that. It is making me having a diet this weekend as no food is worth the pain of having the tray out. Anyway, we will see tomorrow if I can get some relief somehow.

That was my exciting weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What not to wear!

Since nobody was nominating me for "What not to Wear" I decided to go shopping myself!

Usually, all of the John women go to Utah for a couple of days, but that wasn't working out this year. So me, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and grandma-in-law all went shopping right here in Idaho Falls.

We have most of the same stores now anyway. The only thing we are missing is Meryvns and the Park City Outlets. Anyway, I got some bargains. I love watching What not to Wear, but I have to laugh when they get a bargain skirt for $350. I bought 13 things for the average of $12.89 an item. Here are some of my finds: (Yes, I know I will be getting discovered on this blog for my modeling talent and beauty!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And my new calling is.......

Bear Leader in cub scouts! I got called last Sunday and sustained in Sacrament Meeting today.
I am feeling very overwhelmed to say the least, as I know nothing (and I mean nothing!) about scouts.
Did my little brother go through cub scouts? I'm sure he did but I was too involved with my own life to pay attention! Was my husband the last cubmaster? Yes, he was but did I pay attention to what he did? No, we just went to pack meeting for the food and a little entertainment.
I'm a girly girl through and through, which I why I loved Young Womens!
Anyway, I guess I will have to be out of denial in a year and half anyway when Brandon turns 8, but I was hoping to avoid it until then. This might give me some clue of what I am going to be doing for the next 50 years with my 3 boys anyway, right!?
No, I am actually excited, and I'm sure I will love it once I know what I am doing. I don't think it's that I don't like change, but I do like to know what to expect and my responsibilities are. It's the unknown that is scary!
Wish me luck!

Friday, August 1, 2008

We are going to have fun, dang it!

Yesterday, I was going to be such a nice mom and take my kids to the Splash Park in Rexburg.

When we got there, they played for about 5-10 minutes and then laid on the cement and whined that they were cold.

This is the part of motherhood that I need to work on. I was actually pretty mad. They were only kids that weren't having a blast, little babies were laying on the fountains just loving it.

I had this little vision of my kids having so much fun (because I would have been loving it if I were a kid!)

So, after a little while of getting mad and them whining we decided to go the regular playground next to it, and then they had a blast.

So, I guess my lesson is that I should be more like my sister-in-law Sherry and make it their problem if they aren't having fun. It shouldn't affect me, right!? I should let them go on their own pace and decide what is fun to them (and not force them to have fun!). It's just hard because water memories are some of my best memories of childhood, and I want that for my kids too.

Also, it doesn't make me use my time to take them fun places!

Anyway, here are some pics of when they did play for a minute:

My other fun thing yesterday was going to the War Bonnett Rodeo and Colin Raye concert with my mother-in-law. That was a lot of fun. I was even on the jumbo-tron a couple of times.

Thanks Verna Rae!