Friday, February 13, 2009

New address

So, hopefully you made it my new address. I actually changed it and then changed it back the other day to see if would lose anything. It looked the same. The tonight when I made the actual change, I lost my blog list. (Not the private ones though). So I have just spent the last hour trying to rebuild it from memory.
If you aren't there, please don't be offended and just leave a comment with your blog address again! Thanks for your patience.
Love, Julie


  1. what did you change your address for? what is this fettish with the ocean? :)

  2. Hey Julie, thanks for letting me know. I can't find the "Follow this blog" button tho. I want to make sure I can get updates. Also, will you click on my "follow this blog" button also? Thanks so much for all of your prayers. Sure wish I could just come out and have a girls day with all my old girlfriends~ xoxo


Leave me your e-mail if you want to know my new blog address. Your comment will be hidden-don't worry!