Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eating my way around town: Part 2

I told you we don' get out very often (seeing how the first installment of this was March 7). But we finally made it to another restaurant on my list of places around town I've wanted to try--- Pachangas. I've heard good things. Some good friends watched the kiddos last night, and we went.
You've got to try it. But don't be afraid when you get there. It looks a little iffy from the outside. But go inside and it is cutely decorated with one server and one chef. And the food---YUM! I would have to say the best Mexican of real Mexican I've ever had. I still love my Cafe Rio, but I consider that more "fresh mex" and Pachangas more "real mex" I guess.
Even, Tristan who gets a little confused looking at Mexican menus and would rather have Chinese any day loved his (taquitos). I had the Pollo Fundido.
It was even plated in a rather fancy manner rather than slopped onto your plate. If you are in town, you must try Pachangas. We will be going back.
PS. Not a place for kids, so cook them mac and cheese and bring it home for yourselves, get a babysitter, or wait until the kids go to bed to try this (yes, you can eat after 7 once in a while!!)

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  1. Sounds yummy! Where is it at? I love mexican food.


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