Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just saying.....

1) Do you think it is better for a 15 1/2 month old to a) drink from a bottle or b) stop drinking milk altogether, but not drink from a bottle (keep in mind that she is in the 1% on weight!) ??
The doctors keep telling me no more bottles. This week I'm trying to be strong, but no milk has gone down in the sippy.

2) Always the optimist that kids can play for more than 5 minutes with friends before asking for the Wii, so when B asked after 3, I said, "Really, can't you play for a little longer?"
B, "It's not my idea! It's always his idea. What do you want me to do, break up with him??"

3) Why are baby blankets so hard to get rid of for me? Especially homemade ones. We don't use most of them anymore, but I can't bring myself to depart with many of them. Anyone else have this problem?


  1. It seems like I had the same problem with Marissa. Sorry I can't remember better, but it seems like I just kept offering the sippy cup with milk everytime she ate and eventually she took it. Will she drink other stuff out of the sippy?

  2. Have you tried all different kinds of sippy cups? Lily has a milk specific one she will only drink milk out of and will not take milk from other kinds of sippy cups.
    It is because she is too cute and the little princess in your house!

  3. I think you got to stick with the no bottle. If you don't they have a really hard time getting rid of them. You've seen the four year old with them right? You could also try different types of dairy to help out - yogurt, cheese. I have all the blankets downstairs cuz I can't get rid of them either. My kids like to bring them up all the time so they have tons of blankets on their beds. They drive me crazy having them all over but can't part with them.

  4. We had a similar problem with Macy. She actually got really anemic. Be strong, take away the bottle. She will start eating better. Will she drink chocolate milk? That's all Macy will drink.

    I have bags of homemade baby blankets in our basement. I can't get rid of them!!

  5. We still have a bunch of baby blankets. Two of them are in our old lady cat's bed...I am pretty sure we will have them forever.
    As for the milk, good luck. I think you have to do it all or nothing, though. When my boys started drinking milk in cups (only Q ever took bottles) we would do it at specific times and they used the cups with a lid that aren't at lunch and breakfast and dinner. Good luck!

  6. I HATE milk, so I am probably not one to ask, but I also was going to suggest chocolate or strawberry milk in a sippy. Tyson loves "bunny" milk which is strawberry quik.


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