Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have a first grader!

Today I am old enough to have a first grader. I still remember 1st grade and Mrs. Jensen (who still teaches 1st grade at Hillview!) I also think it was a reality check for Mrs. Almond to see me last night, because she taught me in 4th grade. She said she hasn't had many 2nd generation students yet. It's going to be weird and nice to have Brandon gone allll day. I hope Creighton and Tyce become closer and Brandon can handle being away that long.

Tristan in 1st Grade: (I think) I can't get the words to coordinate, but you get the idea!

Me in 1st grade:

When I got home I found that Creighton and Tyce wanted to be in on the action and put their backpacks on too.

Now I better quit procrastinating and go get some things done to get ready to leave next Tuesday!


  1. I can't believe you are old enough to have a first grader! You must be like a real adult now!
    Where are you guys going on Tuesday?

  2. That is so weird. I totally remember Mrs. Almond.Have you been crying? I love those pics of you and cute. Where are you going on tuesday?

  3. Next Tuesday, Tristan and I are driving to SLC to sleep at Tara's and then leave on Wed. morning to Orlando, where we will play for a couple of days at Disneyworld and then go on my first cruise! I am so excited and nervous to leave my kids that long.

  4. Wow those pictures are awesome Julie. I think yours looks exactly like you, but Tristan...not so much. Just remember is one small step of many, then they're out of the house forever! (That deserves a small scream)

  5. WOW, how fun to go away on a cruise. Sounds relaxing and carefree. Is Mrs. Almond, Brad and Leslie's mom?? Did I ever tell you that the older brother Brian is in our ward here? Crazy huh? Anyway, I love the 1st grade pictures of you and Tristan. Soo cute. I'm so ready for school to start it's killing me. Hope Brandon loves 1st Grade

  6. Julie those pics are soooo cute! I think you both look the same. Of course I knew Tristan in first grade so maybe it's just my memory, but he looks the same to me! It's fun and hard to watch your kids grow up, isn't it? I can't believe I have a fifth grader! Talk about feeling old....
    Enjoy your cruise! I'm so jealous!

  7. Hey Julie! I have a first-grader too, but I don't feel old enough! It was weird having him gone all day, but kinda nice too! Where are you going on your cruise? Have so much fun! Your kids will be fine! :)


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