Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost camera

Well, I was going to document all of my Thanksgiving weekend and do a big post.
The last time I had my camera was at my parents house, and I remember taking a picture of all of the grandkids right before we ate.

I set in on the counter and that is the last I remember. My mom hasn't found it (and I'm sure she has cleaned 10 times since then), it's not in my car.

The only other thing that happened was Tristan was dropping me off in front of Albertsons to check out a Redbox and I tried to get out too fast, caught my leg on my bag, and almost fell on my face. Maybe the camera was in there and fell out. I called Albertsons and they didn't have it in their lost and found.

I still believe that most people who live in IF (and especially Albertsons shoppers) would still turn in a camera if they happened to find it.

I hate losing things. I know money is just money, but I've only had that camera since last Christmas, plus the cost of the rechargable batteries, camera bag, etc. It makes me sick inside.

Plus, my husband has mastered the art of being dissapointed in me instead of yelling. Sometimes that is worse than being yelled at.

Who has the money to buy a new camera at Christmastime anyway. I feel naked without it.
You have to a camera!

So, as I am a very visual person, my blogging might slow down if I can't blog without pictures.

Please come back little camera. I miss you.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that you lost your camera! I can't imagine losing mine. I really hope you find it! I wish we could've seen you guys for Thanksgiving. We're coming up to IF the weekend before Christmas, so maybe we'll see you then.

  2. Julie,
    I'm so sorry about your camera. I am wondering if it ended up in someone else's stuff and we accidently brought it home with us. What does it look like? I will watch as I unpack (since I haven't done that yet...). I hate having to buy a new camera.

  3. Sorry muffin. I don't where it could be. Hey - could I swing by later and pick up the instruction booklet on it (just in case I happen to find it - not that I stole it...) How do you get it to review again? Just kidding!

  4. I'll still read your blog without pictures, but I completely feel your pain. I use my camera every day for all kinds of things...mostly taking pictures:) I hope you find it or can replace it soon. Good luck!

  5. I'm so sorry about your camera. I hate when things get lost like that, it is so frustrating. I hope you find it.

  6. So sorry. Your dress was soooo cute yesterday.


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