Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random thoughts for today

1st Random thought: Do men appreciate the fact that their size basically stay the same all month, all year, year to year? Give or take adding an inch or two a year to their waistline, they can pretty much count on being the same size.

Not so much for me (or women in general). Yesterday I decided to be efficient and put all the pants that weren't wearable up high so it wasn't taking up usable space and put the pants that fit at reachable level. So up high I have a wide range of sizes from everything to that great year where I was starving all the time and lost some weight and was loving those jeans to much, much bigger sizes.

This is what I came up with.

And this is what works at that awkward 12 weeks along stage of life. Not a whole lot going on here.

Which leads us to:

My 2nd Random Thought:

I should really think of these body shifts as a blessing because I can have healthy children.

Yesterday was my second appointment. They thought they could probably hear the hearbeat, but it might be too early. They couldn't find it on dopplar, so I got to have another ultrasound.

Everything was fine and normal and it is always amazing to see how much something so small and new is wiggling and moving all around. I didn't feel too nervous when they couldn't find it, but you could tell that the ultrasound lady had seen enough bad news ultrasounds, that she wanted to deliver good news.

I'm so blessed that I got some!

Random though number 3:

Should you really have to tell your kids not to stand up in a wagon on gravel, with your unstable 2 year-old-brother around?

This is the result of that decision!


  1. I am glad you got some good news. I understand the shelf with no clothes that fit...right now I am in between my biggest size and my normal size---which means I have one pair of pants in that size! Annoying!

  2. Yeah for the good news! And the extra ultrasound! That's so fun! I also have the shelves of pants that don't fit. I'm not sure I'll ever be the size I was before having a 9 1/2 pounder! Sigh. You are right, men do not understand that at all!

  3. I only have 1 pair of jeans right now because I keep telling myself that I'm going to lose a little more weight before I buy another pair. I've been saying that for quite a few months now. I should just break down and buy a pair that fits me right now.

  4. I am glad that everything looked good on your ultrasound. I love getting ultrasounds. I wish they would do it at every appt. And I totally agree with your random thought #1. Sometimes I think guys have it so easy!

  5. We've had hamburger head at our house before too. Its a good things kids heal fast! I wish as a woman I could just be happy with my shape. I work out try not to over eat and kinda watch what I eat. I should be happy for a healthy body and not complain cuz I am too healthy...at least you have a reason your pants don't fit!

  6. I know how you feel about the pants. Not fun or fair. Glad that they were able to see the baby moving around and kicking. Such good news. That owie looks like it hurts pretty bad. YIKES.

  7. you look great! congrats on your pregnancy going so well so far! yikes about the head injury! I'm so worried about that time in our lives. I'm afraid they aren't too far away. Sam has started pulling himself up all over the place...it's fun to see though!

  8. I've been wearing the same skirt to church for three months and I'm not now - or ever again - pregnant.


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