Friday, May 8, 2009

Jello can never be creme brulee!

On Tuesday, I went to Taste of Home with the women in-laws. We try to make it every year.
I enjoyed the old cooking teacher and Karole Honas better, but it was still fun. We left at 5:00 and didn't get home until almost 10. I definitely thought I should win something since my Birthday was the next day. (Even if it was a box of potatoes!). Well, at the very end when they were giving away the food that was cooked during the show, I won 4 dishes of creme brulee and the ramekins! I don't think I've ever really had creme brulee. On our cruise I was too addicted to the molten lava cake to try it.
I had to force Tristan to take a bite just to say the he tried this delicacy. He's not big into dessert.
Anyway, I'm well into my 30's now! I had a great Birthday. The handsome men in my life gave me this lovely bouquet. C was in the bathroom when I got out of the shower and opened the door for me since it was my Birthday. I went out to lunch with Tristan and got a free Red Robin burger and a free cold stone. T made me french dip sandwhiches and onion rings. He gave me some cool ice cups, a new cutting mat (muchly needed) and some new kitchen gadgets. Thanks to everyone who thought of me, called, dropped something by. You made my day!

C also had two preschool graduations yesterday. His regular one and it was also his last day of the high school preschool. I saw these graduation caps and thought they would be fun to make for his gradution. They turned out pretty cute, but were very delicate. When I got home I thought, why did they have to be on sticks? Whey couldn't I have just made them and set them on a platter. They would have been just as cute and not such a nightmare to transport. Tristan thinks it's because I'm a direction follower. I guess I am on most things. Especially domestic things.

When I read a dinner recipe I can subsitute and mix and match, but other things I think I need to do everything. Are you a direction follower? Would you have thought to forgot the $%#@ sticks? I was inventive enough to not buy the expensive Godiva chocos as was recommended in the instructions. I borrowed my MIL's square temple mold and used the bottom for the top.

Anyway, it was a really cute program and my friend Joy does such a great job at preschool. C go the giggles and couldn't stop laughing, and then his friends couldn't stop laughing, and then the audience couldn't stop laughing. I might to try to post a video if I get a second later.


  1. Happy Bday, Julie! Sounds like a fun day! I love Red Robin.

    You make the cutest things! Those hats were adorable. "Would you have thought to forget the $%#@ sticks?" haha! That gave me a good chuckle!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! C was HILARIOUS! He's awesome! And the graduation caps were ingenious!

  3. I am glad you had a happy deserve it!

    Did you already scrapbook his graduation day? You are good!

  4. I love your belly photo. That you didn't meant to capture. So cute!


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