Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogger Smogger

I'm not sure if I have anything "blogworthy" to post today, but it's been a while I guess. (At least for me)

Capri will be 4-weeks-old tomorrow which means that school has been out for 4 weeks.
What have we done in the last 4 weeks? B had pneumonia and an ear-infection. I just thought he was being a summer party-pooper, but I guess he wasn't feeling well for quite a while! He feels better now. He also had his big toenail removed (I told you I don't have much to post!)
We have been loving the last three days of warmness with no rain! Is there anything better on earth than a warm summer evening?
Here is Capri trying out her bumbo. Still needs a stronger neck, but I think this will be a very nice thing to have when she is a little older.
We went swimming tonight. She slept the whole time and didn't even get her little toes wet, but she still wore her swimming suit!
I got my hair cut and highlighted today. I have to say that I don't consider myself a high-maintenance gal but I do love my highlights. So worth it! If I had expendable income I would have someone wash and style my hair everyday. Maybe someday when I'm feeling frivolous I will go and get my hair done and buy every styling product that was used. It's always feels so good when it's done.What else is new? I need to get done one pant size. It's not the ideal size, but most of my clothes are in that size and my wardrobe option would be greatly improved. Am I excited to starve myself to get to that size, not so much! Until then, I guess I will just do laundry every other day.


  1. I don't think the bumbo chair was out when I had babies. I would have LOVED it!! Probably even missed used it.

    Capri is a little tiny cutie!!

    Love the picture of you and Capri.

  2. Capri is such a cutie!

    And your hair is cute! I know what you mean about the products they use. There really is a difference!

    LOVE the bumbo! We had one for Kambria. They are a fantastic invention. Sometimes I miss the days when I could stick her in that and know my house would not be terrorized! haha

  3. She is such a cutie! I also love the Bumbo! Your hair is adorable! Lily is wearing that blue outfit today that Capri was wearing!
    Love ya

  4. I need to meet that cutie! I am still trying to wrap my brain around you and a GIRL baby. She is beautiful.

  5. Your hair looks cute. Can't believe Capri has a little swimsuit. So cute. Glad Brandon is feeling better. When I passed you pulling into scouts I could see that you had your kids and we were turning around to come back to get Creighton and Tyce to make it easier for you and then we saw you had Tristan with you. The kids were bummed. I haven't blogged forever either because nothing much has happened.

  6. I have that same suit for Mia. How cute! I love your hair. Doesn't it feel so good to pamper yourself once in a while? I think we some sort of pampering everyday!!

  7. Bumbo? Is that really what it is called? Hmmmm....

    Your hair is very cute.

  8. I totally feel your pain about the pant sizes. I need to get down one size too! It's so hard. I haven't even put Colton in the Bumbo yet. I'll have to try that out. I bet he'd love it. Your hair is gorgeous! I love it. I need to get mine highlighted again sometime. And that swimming suit, is to die for. So cute on Capri.

  9. Julie, sorry about the pnuemonia. Your hair cut and highlights look great.


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