Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Fall Happies

Things that have made me smile lately....

Playing in leaves

My attempt at a Fall Display, complete with my sparkly pumpkins! Love them!Watching my five-year-old totally get into the doughnut contest at scouts.Getting a tip for the best place to pick your own pumkpins. Much better ambiance than yelling at your kids to get out of the road in front of Albertsons.Having my husband carve this awesome Transformers pumpkin last night.Seeing my little Chief Kindergartener off to school. Craft tip: Paint samples at Home Depot for $3. It comes in a 8 oz. jar and you can get any color you want. Craft paint for a 2 oz is usually $1-$2 for 2 oz, so this is a pretty good deal. Perfect for any little project you have. Just had to share. Sometimes it doesn't take much for me to smile.

Need I say more? I can't believe she is five-months-old today!


  1. What pumpkin patch did you find? Cute pics!!

  2. I love fall too! And thanks for the tip about the paint. That is great to know. I am going to be starting some painting projects. :-) I like your fall display too. cute.

  3. We love picking our own pumpkins. The Transformer pumpkin is very cool. T loves the pictures of the boys and both my kids said awww when they saw how big the baby is getting. It fun to see C wearing the costume that both my kids wore. Kels and Cody wore it too. It has got to be 15 tears old. Hope it last as long as the maturnity shirts.
    Miss Ya All!!!

  4. I can smell the leaves from here!!! And I think I will go see if I can find some decorations for fall. I have been in denial, but seeing your cute display makes it seem fun.

  5. It is my favorite season! Last night we carved pumpkins and I just couldn't resist excitement of turning out the lights to see what we had done. Pumpkin seeds are pretty good too.

  6. Fun pictures! Great pumpkin carving. I keep forgetting to tell you this. Kayt said, "You know mom, Julie's boys really love their sister." She emphasized REALLY LOVE THEIR SISTER!


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