Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much help..

A couple of weekends we were heading out of town, and if anyone knows me very well you know how much I hate packing! I dread it, put it off, and it makes me in a bad mood.

Anyway, this day we had a flag football game and I was going to a watch party at my mother-in-laws house before we were heading out of town.

The girl C would not nap and wanted to be held all day, which wasn't helping the packing situation at all.

Finally, I sat on the couch and declared that we couldn't go. A little dramatic, I know, but I was having a moment.
Anyway, I have two very different personalitied sons. B started bawling and screaming that I was so mean. C announced, "I can help you mom. I will pack the snacks."
So, he then proceded to get the cooler and fill it up. Included was several different kinds of drinks and about 20 boxes of dry Jell-o. You never know when you will get a craving on the road, you know! Then he dragged the cooler up the stairs by himself.
What a great kid.


  1. That is so sweet of C. I probably would have been the kid to bawl, though. Love the curtian!

  2. My kids have those two different personalities also. I love the initiative of some. What a good kid.

  3. Oh, that is so sweet! Creighton is a great kid. I love Zach playing with him cause he is so kind and calm and sweet. When they play here Creighton always tries to include Tyson too, which is so sweet. All of my kids would have instantly bawled and screamed. They would all want to go, but I don't think any of them would volunteer any help.

  4. So sweet! I love packing! To bad I don't live closer I would have come and done it for you!

  5. So helpful! ;-) I hate packing too...although I hate UNpacking more. Especially because that usually includes a ton of laundry. Which is another one of my least favorite things.


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