Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm grateful for...

My kids....

And the excitement they still have for holidays. Even the typically less exciting ones like Thanksgiving. Yesterday we heard noises at 6:20 a.m. Big T went and told them that it was too early and B&C needed to back to bed.
All was quiet for maybe another 15 minutes, when our door was pulled shut and then a slip of paper was shoved under our door. Then all three little sweeties burst into our room with a "Happy Thanksgiving" and we have menus for your for breakfast in bed.

This is what C's said for me, "Frostid with watr
Rasiin Bran with joos
Grap nein nuts with cet with joos
And Brandons for Big T said, What would yo like for breakfest?
Frosted Flakes
Almond Crandberry, Blueberry, Grapes Nuts
Slide under door when done.
And Tyce cheerfully announced that it was "Ready O'clock!"
Big T has never been able to eat until he's been awake for an hour or two, so he graciously took a couple of bites and then dumped the rest in the porcelain God when they left.
These are the moments I hope to remember.


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