Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My baby used to be a good sleeper...

The girl C started sleeping through the night at about six weeks. Seriously. I've never had that. And she continued with an exception every week or so. Until about three weeks ago. I would put her down and she would wake up in twenty minutes. So I would throw her in the swing and more or less she would sleep all night there. Everyone slept, everyone was happy.

Now she wakes up after twenty minutes, screams in her swing, I get her back to sleep, she wakes up after twenty minutes, and the cycle continues. She doesn't want to eat, she is exhausted beyond reason and will not go to sleep. The last two nights I've been letting her scream until she goes back to sleep. Is she too young for that? What do you think?

At least she has forgiven us and is all smiles and cooing in the morning.

Other random notes...Sorry if I haven't been a good commenter on your blogs. I do enjoy catching up on your lives but usually only have one hand to type, so I skip the comments. Just know that I love you!

T has been scared of going to bed and monsters. Last night B suggested they made a poster that said "No Monsters Allowed!" for their room. This was especially sweet after our FHE on having a happy, supportive home.

T is also slowly getting the potty training down. I still can't leave him in the hands of others without a pull-up, but I think we will make it before Kindgergarten. Miracles never cease.

Well, better shower before noon!


  1. Hey have you tried the Anti-monster spray? I just bought some Fabrize and told Gage thats what it was. Before he went to bed we would spray his closet and where ever he said they came in from. He loved it and believed it. Plus it was kinda fun.

  2. Just yesterday I came across this blog. I think it might help you in the Girl C's dilemma. http://rachelannnunes.blogspot.com/2009/09/different-doesnt-mean-wrong.html
    Good luck! You're a great mom and I know you will find what works best for you and your family!

  3. I am feeling for you right now, I can't function without a good nights sleep. I hope it gets better for you real soon! Lots of Luck

  4. I read the blog Valerie recomended. It was great. So many times we put pressure on ourselves to be the perfect everything. It seems like we need to start asking ourselves "Does this effect my child's eternal salvation?" We are struggling teaching T responsibility. We"re always doubting ourselves about our parenting skills. Hello Trent has worked with problem kids for over 20 years...it is different when it is your own kid. She will be your beautiful little girl no matter how long she sleeps. On a lighter note T was a hard baby at night and a smiley boy during the day... I still stopped after him because I didn't want to have anymore sleepless nights. Do the best you can at the time it is your first time being the Mom of C. I wish I were there to rock her to sleep. Love ya

  5. Trent wanted me to tell you....when they get to be teenagers his main concern is whether their actions will stop them from moving out of his house. Six years and counting:D

  6. One of my kids slept in her carseat until she was one. I felt like a terrible mother, but it was the only way I could get her to sleep. I think you just make things work for that first year of their lives, and then things even out. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep!!


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