Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brotherly love

Last night, Tristan went down to put the kids to bed and B hurried and hid something that he was looking at.

"What do you have there?" Tristan asked.

"Nothing." said B.

"What is it?"

B finally revealed this lipstick. (Which has been missing from my drawer for quite some time by the way.)

"Where did you get this?"

"I found it at school."

"Where did you really get this?"


Note to self-have a FHE on honesty again.

"What were you planning on doing with it you girl?"

"I was going to wait until C fell asleep and then draw on his face."

One of those moments where you are trying not to laugh while explaining that this probably isn't the best idea. This kind of lipstick does not come off very easily, so Mr. C would have a great time going to his first day of the high school preschool if he had lipstick all over his face.

We also came up with a solution to not having papers taped all over the boy room. Magnetic paint. Tristan did this last weekend and he did a great job. The lines look good and it actually works. No more tape marks on the wall (in theory anyway).

Now, I need Mothers day ideas. Note: If you are my mother-in-law or mother you need to stop reading this post right now. (In reality this is probably the safest place to keep secrets from them). I usually try to be creative and do something homemade but I am drawing a blank this year.

This is what I made last year. Online I ordered a giant playing card set then made each of the grand kids answer questions about themselves, like their favorite past time, game, movie, book, etc. etc. Then each card had the answers to the questions. I thought it turned out cute. But it is kind of pain to get everyone to answer.
It's so hard to buy something useful/meaningful for people who can buy anything for themselves.

I did buy my mom one of those hot/cold cooler bags from Sams for my mom. But I have no idea what to get my MIL or grandmas. HELP!! Any ideas? What are you doing this year?


  1. That story was hilarious! What would you have done if he had succeeded?

  2. That was a great story about your boys. I am drawing a blank for Mother's Day this year too. Elena made a neat thing for her Mom for Christmas, you could call her and have her show you. Let me know if you come up with something great, you are way more creative than me!

  3. Haha! It's probably a good thing Tristan got him to confess! :)

    I have no wondeful ideas for Mother's Day...I still don't know what I am going to do. And my mom and MIL's birthdays are both in May too! It is not a good month for us!

  4. My mom is soooo easy. all she needs is a gift certificate to a fabric store and she is HAPPY!!! But this year I'll probably make her something in my pottery class. Even though I'm OLD she still gets a little giddy if I hand make something like that. It's kind of like I'm back in shop class in school.
    I don't buy my MIL anything but a card (she's not local). If I can get my hubby to call her, that's a good Mother's Day! (He's terrible with the phone... kinda like me!)

  5. Buy her a gift card to Joann's, or Seagul book or Desert Book. Last year I gave her a gift card to Christopher and Banks (or was that her birthday) Personally I think gift cards are perfectly fine. You had to think of it and then go to the store and purchase the gift card. Plus they then get to buy the thing that they will use.


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