Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don't know what I want for my Birthday.

First of all, Happy Tax Day to all! This was us at tax dinner last year at Ruby River. We are eating there tonight too. I know today is either insignificant or depressing to most, but for our family we are excited for New Years Day 2009! We get our daddy back. This tax season actually went pretty well. I didn't stare at the clock between 5-7 every night. I might have to move T's bedroom lock to the outside of the door, because he now unlocks the door and shouts, "I don't want to be in troubles!"

I actually get into my own little groove and do my own little thing. Now I might actually have to share the TV at night. JK! It's worth it to have my sweetie back. I did inform him that Tuesday night will still be The Biggest Loser night. (He hates all reality TV).

He watched some of the night when Bob got all emotional because he wasn't training the Tongans anymore. Puh-lease! With his stress he thought that was ridiculous. Is that really the biggest thing you have to worry about?
Anyway, my Birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and my mom and my hubbie have been asking what I want. I don't know what I want. Do you always have a list waiting of things you want? Are you easy to buy for?

What does it say about me? Do I really spoil myself and buy myself whatever I want? I don't feel like I do that. Have I lost all interests being a mom and taking care of others? I feel like I still have hobbies and things that I enjoy. Or am I just satisfied and content with life? I hope so.
Anyway, do you have something you have recieved or own that I should want for my Birthday? The only things I can think of are a deck and a keyboard-neither of which are really in our budget.

What should I want for my Birthday?


  1. Julie you and Tristan look so happy in this picture. How fun to go out two nights in a row. I'm the same way. I can never think of things that I want for my birthday. Usually it's clothes. I bet for you, you just want to have your little baby! I hope you get spoiled and enjoy this TAX Day being here.

  2. Happy Tax Day!!!!
    My list is full of things that are too expensive to be bought as a gift. There are always those few small things that I love, like Silpats for my cookie sheets I need new ones and I hate buying stuff like that...those are always the best gifts. Look around and see if something needs to be replaces, but you feel to cheap to replace it because what you have still works, and ask for that!

  3. I usually just roll my eyes when they ask. My mom gets what she thinks I want...this year it was a waffle maker...I don't like waffles, but my boys were stoked :)
    I am always good for a B&N giftcard or Town and Country or that I have one I really like...I think I'm simple, I could easily transpose my birthday list with my Christmas list.
    Happy Tax Day!

  4. Yes I would like to know so you can recieve a gift from us

  5. I am happy you get your husband back after today! You are a trooper.
    The older I get the less I care about presents. I just like taking it easy on my birthday. Tyler usually comes up with something nice for me, because that's what husbands do.

  6. I'm happy that you have Tristan back! Birthdays are hard when you get older. I usually get clothes, scrapbooking stuff, or something for my kitchen. I like fun "entertaining" type kitchen things. Hopefully you can think of something! :)

  7. Megan-Remember when I had the waitress take the picture? She thought I was weird.

  8. Happy Tax Day! Today is also my 1/2 birthday! I don't have any suggestions for you, because I don't ever know what I want either.

  9. might be hard to have to start sharing the remote again. I love having control of the remote! HGTV all the way baby!
    I am glad you will have him back again...I don't know how you do it and stay so kind!

  10. Happy Tax Day! I hope you have a delicious dinner tonight.

    As for your b-day, that is a tough one. Whatever you end up getting, I hope you like!

  11. I love that picture of you and Tristan. It's so great! I think a gift certificate to get a massage or some kind of pampering is always good. It's always so nice and I'm sure you could use a good massage after Tax Season. :) I hope you have a great birthday and had a great dinner last night!

  12. I recently got a strawberry huller that is pretty handy

    Do you eat a big bowl of ice cream as you watch the biggest loser like I do? Would you rather train with Bob or Jilian?

  13. I usually eat something naughty while I watch it. Isn't that what all Americans do?
    I borrowed a Jillian workout video set from a friend and she kicked my butt. I think I might cry when she yelled so I better go with Bob.

  14. Books. Books and ice cream (for the biggest loser nights). What else is there?


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