Friday, April 3, 2009

I bought size 6 diapers.....

Potty training. Is there anything on this beautiful earth that is worse? Ok, so I started thinking that C still wears diapers at night and T still wears diapers full time. I'm not going to have three kids in diapers! I refuse.

So, I started with T a little before his 3rd Birthday. He would produce when I took him every hour. He would still have accidents but he wasn't afraid to do either job in the potty. Well, two months later if I don't take him every hour (which he hates) or if he happens to need to go in between the hours, he just goes. Am I getting anywhere? Will I still be taking him every hour when he's in high school? Is he getting trained or am I getting trained?

He hasn't once recognized that he needs to go beforehand. I know I've done this twice before, but they both pretty much got it around the age of 3. T has no indication that he will be getting in anytime soon. But, I also think we were given T to learn something. Probably patience. He slept through the night later, he talked later, he just generally requires more love and patience. I also swore that after being the first girl in my family to not be a valedictorian, that I wouldn't compare me children to each other either.

You really wish people would tell you that you should never say what your kids will be like before you start having them. My SIL had a big issue with snotty noses, and then had a daughter with adenoid problems. Unless she wanted to wipe until her nose bled, she had to learn to live with a little snot.

I thought people who had kids approaching 4 and weren't potty trained weren't even trying. Now I might be one of them. I used to think that you could make goals for your kids, but the problem is that they have to participate in reaching those goals. What if they don't care?

When you are three, you can start going to preschool, swimming lessons, tumbling etc. But not if you still crap your pants on a regular basis. Should I give up? Swallow my pride? Do you have any amazing potty training tips that works that helps them recogonize or care that they need to go? What about bed wetting? I started a chart yesterday where if he stays dry 30 out of 40 nights, I would buy him the bat cave. He woke up wet.

I told myself that I would never reach the time when I needed to buy size 6's. C has been squeezing into 5's at night for years. But the time has come that I bought size 6. Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Oh, I have no advice. I haven't been through that yet. Kambria has gone on the potty a few times, but I haven't really pushed it yet since she isn't even two. I probably should. I hate changing diapers. I hope that you learn some good tricks. Good luck!

  2. I'm am the worst potty trainer on the planet. So I can't help you out. I stressed with Kayt, but not with my other two. I just waited until they were ready and Kam was a little over four.

  3. I have no advice. I've only potty trained once and felt that I did a miserable job at it. Kaitlyn wasn't trained until she was just over 3. I just had a routine with her, asking every 2 hours or so and making her sit. The Dr told me to just stick with the routine and one day she would decide to do it herself, which she did. It was like one day it clicked, and we have only had a handful of accidents since (usually waiting too long and she can't get on the potty fast enough).

    Also, I know of a lot of boys that seemed to have trouble at night. I know that you know best, but have you tried cutting liquids at say dinnertime or 6 or 7. I've heard that has worked for some to stop the overnight accidents. Good luck!

  4. Boy thats tough. One thing I hated was potty training. My mother in law insisted that I needed to start when they are 18months old. Yuck!!! Why bother, its me thats potty trained not the kid. Jesse was 3 when I started, I tried with Abbie at 2 1/2 years so that when I had Cierra she wouldn't be in diapers, it was a no go. When I had Cierra I was changing this gigantic 3 year olds diapers with huge poop and I looked at her and said your a big sister now I think you should use the potty. Lets put on panties. That was it, she's only ever had accidents standing in front of the potty stomping her feet cuz she can't get her pants down quick enough. My mom potty trained Cierra when we were on our cruise or I don't think she ever would have been! She was just shy of 3. And until the last few months there are still accidents at night. Watching what time she drinks works best for that. She is more aware now too and she cares, that's what the most important part is. They have to have the desire, if they don't then don't bother cuz it won't happen till he wants it too. Sorry!!!

  5. I hate potty training, especially while being pregnant. I have no good advice. The only thing that worked for me was that Porter had a desire to start it on his own. That makes a huge difference. Good luck!

  6. I am right in the throw of this with Mason. We have good days and bad. Yesterday I would have told you candy and trucks. Today I'm plugging my nose and trying not to gag as I swish pooed undies in the toilet.
    One thing we tried (that I thought was working well) was buying a bunch of those little boxcars and putting them on a shelf in the bathroom. Whenever he poops he can pick a car. I think I started that too soon though. So we switched to a piece of candy. Now that I know he has the concept down I think I'll try the cars again and see what happens. I know what you mean about is he being trained or you? Good luck!

  7. Reminding a kid to go every hour for weeks or months is way worse to me than buying 6's, since Olivia is already in 5's. YOu are so right about each kid being different. I have to admit, after four kids, my expectations went way down.

  8. After trying everything, we realized, it was going to have to be our youngest's idea. Ironically, she potty-trained herself on vacation. I think it is because she enjoyed exploring all the "wonderful" bathrooms on our trip!


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