Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Favorite: I looked out the window...

And what did I see?
Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!

You asked for it. Now hopefully you won't regret it and be bored. I'm going to start
Friday favorites! Why don't you join me?

Today's favorite is popcorn. This is probably more of Tristan's favorite than mine. I like popcorn, I eat popcorn, but I don't crave and absolutely need popcorn in order to make me know my weekend is complete.
I grew up on Air-Popped popcorn with soggy margarine and salt. Isn't that the only way popcorn is eaten? The thought makes Tristan shudder. I kind of like those soggy little pieces.
Tristan grew up on stove-made popcorn with real butter and no salt. (They don't even have any salt in their house, but that is another post). He used to make it just in a pot, but then his mom gave him this crank-handled maker for his Birthday. It's probably his most used gift he's ever been given.
If we don't have real butter in the house, he will NOT use margarine. He has been known to call the neighbors or drive ½ mile to his brother's house to borrow some. If it is Sunday and he is craving popcorn and there is no butter, it is total devastation!
He got this from his mother, as she is the same way. When we lived with them we had popcorn on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

His brother actually got one of those theater style popcorn makers for his Birthday. That is good popcorn.
I will eat this stove popped corn, but it is actually not my favorite. I like good old microwave popcorn now. I even found this microwave popcorn maker to make your own (I heard you can even make microwave popcorn in a brown lunch sack, I haven't tried this though). This way you can put less butter, or they even have popcorn flavorings now.

Fat-free microwave popcorn is actually a great diet snack. You get a lot more and it is a lot more filling than those 100 calorie packs where you get 2 small cookies and need about 5 of those bags to feel satisfied.
Movie popcorn: I've always been too cheap to spend that kind of money. For the cheap summer kid movies we actually pop our own and smuggle it in. Do you buy movie popcorn?
What kind of popcorn do you make at home?
Or do you have a husband like Karen's who can't stand the smell and won't let it be made it your house?

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  1. I loved this post. I definately love it more than my husband. I do crave it but not every weekend. I love it with caramel on it.

  2. Doug and I LOVE popcorn. We have a pretty cool cuisinart popper ( that makes really good popcorn. We like it a whole lot better than microwave popcorn. Yes, we buy popcorn when we go to the movies. It's good, but I like homemade popcorn better.

  3. Did you get that micro popper at Target? I saw those, and I recognize the clearance sticker. Mitch LOVES popcorn. He loves burnt popcorn. It makes our house stink. He loves microwave kettle corn as well. I prefer air-popped popcorn. I kind of like those soggy pieces too.....although I am too CHEAP and don't use enough butter to ever get soggy pieces! I could live without popcorn....but I could not live without chips. Popcorn is healthier, so I wish I preferred it to chips. Here's my secret: The whole family will eat popcorn during a movie and I'll eat chips.

  4. I love all your thoughts about popcorn! I just laugh thinking about Tristan!! I agree that it's a great low fat snack for dieting. Derick and I found this great kettle corn 98% fat free micro. kind. But we don't go to the movies that often, so when we do, we splurge with lots of butter!

  5. I LOVE popcorn. I grew up with air popped and soggy butter. YUMMY! In fact, I have to make some now, cuz it sounds so good. I also grew up eating it EVERY Sunday night for snack. It was tradition. This post made me smile too! Thanks so much!

  6. I love popcorn too! I was going to do that as a friday favorite eventually, but you beat me to it. haha! I have it probably 5 times a week, and I am not exaggerating. I want to try one of those hand-cranked popcorn poppers, I've heard they are great.

  7. I love popcorn as well. I like to add the seasonings to it, my favorites being: parmesan garlic, white cheddar and ranch.

    I think I need to go and make some now...

  8. Hey Jules!
    Thanks for the comment. I haven't gotten many compliments on the I figured it isn't that good on me...but hey, what is a girl to do?
    Can't wait to see you next month!

  9. Bill loves buttered salted popcorn, the soggy stuff that you all talk about and it has to be real butter. It was their Sunday night tradition also only they ate it with Cherry Koolaid and thats still how he likes it. I on the other hand won't eat popcorn unless its carmel or candied or if I am sitting in a movie theatre and it happens to be on my lap cuz the kids won't hold it. I don't crave it at all though. It get stuck in my teeth and the back of my know the sound you make when its stuck there? Yuck, thats why I don't really eat it.

  10. Hey Julie, I linked here from Facebook, so now I have TWO PLACES to keep track of you!! (Come to my blog, you'll figure out who I am.)

    I LOVE this post about popcorn. I am probably like Tristan in that I could eat popcorn almost every day. Stove popped is definitely "da bomb"! However, let me give you this recipe:

    Pop, salt and butter 3 poppers full of air popped popcorn. Do it to your taste (no soggy margarine though!! :D) Then, in a ziplock bag, melt a bag of white chocolate chips (microwave. I do it by 1 min increments so it doesn't scorch). Drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn. Ahead of time have a bag of crushed start mints ready. (Crushed to powder fineness) Shake that over while the chocolate is still wet. (We make this in a paper grocery bag. Hubby shakes it while I pour so everything gets an even coating.)

    When he tries this, Tristan will love you even more than he already does!!


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