Monday, July 13, 2009

Nursing + DVR=Mommy's TV Time

Normally summer time isn't a time to watch a lot of TV for me. Who wants to be inside when life is so beautiful outside? But let's face it nursing a baby every 2-3 hours for 15-30 minutes at a time can get a little boring. I do like the snuggle time, but I can only gaze into her loving eyes for so long.

I know you have to sit to feed a baby a bottle too, but you can hand off the child, get up to answer the door (which is probably my own child to lazy to come to the door that is open!), or to yell at the three-year old who is spraying water into the house and laughing his head off when you tell him to stop. He seems to know that I can't get up to really do anything about it.

Anyway, needless to say I've been watching a little TV this summer while I feed her. Here are my top 4 current favorites:
HGTV Showdown: If only I had my own studio with everything I would ever need to decorate including carpenters and a personal paint store, my house could look like that.

The next food network star. I don't watch a lot of food network except the Challenges occasionaly, but I do like this one. I think Melissa and Jerry will be finalists. I probably like Melissa more, because she being a stay-at-home I might ever try her food. Probably not though. My question is that if Michael hated cameras so much, why was he normal for the interviews? Was he not in front of a camera for that?

I started watching "So you think you can dance" a few weeks before my due date when I could no longer move. In fact I was laying on the couch watching this while I was waiting to be induced. I fast-forwarded through most of the auditions, but I have to say that I'm really enjoying watching the finalists. First, because I appreciate current music more when it is put to dance. Even in high school I couldn't tell who any current singers were. I was in love with Peter Cetera in high school. (Yes, you can make an L on your forehead now). But when a song is put to video or dance I can like it more. I've never been a fan of Beyonces music, but after I heard Halo on the radio recently and liked because I saw it on this show.
I've also discovered that Hip Hop dance in this setting can be really cool. Not that I would ever watch it on MTV or listen to the music, but on this show the funky hip hop is pretty cool. I wish I could move like that! I think all of the girls are pretty good but I probably like Jeanine and Randy the best. Ade would probably be my favorite guy. And then there is the host Cat Deeley who is so totally gorgeous, and actually seems like a nice person too-which makes you want to hate her even more!
And last but not least is "America's got Talent". I've never watched any of this before, but it's semi-entertaining if you are desperate enough. I can't stand the ridiculous plants they put on there, where the act is so bad you know it can't be real. I did like the Mormon mommy dancers from Utah. I thought it was funny that David Hasselhof said all people from Utah have the same white smiles! I also like the Acrodunks too. My question is that they let so many people go to Vegas that how are they are going to weed them out to get a winner? That seems like it will take forever.

Are you into any shows lately?


  1. I love SYTYCD and America's Got Talent. I also love me some DVR time. What did I do without it?? It's the best invention ever.

  2. I am loving So You Think You Can Dance! It is a great season. And, I am completely in love with my DVR. Sometimes I want to rewind real life!


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