Thursday, July 9, 2009

Six-week appointment

I just got back from my six-week appointment:

1)Now I have no excuse not to exercise anymore.
2) I told myself I would start potty-training the 16-year-old (or is he 3?) again when Capri turned 6-weeks. What excuse can I use now to put that off again?
3)Why do they never tell you your weight when you are prego, but feel free at your 6 week. I didn't really want to know. Now I know exactly how much I need to lose. Welcome to being hungry for the rest of my life. Yeah!



  1. I hate that about the 6 week check-up. I seriously need to lose weight too. It's so hard with 4 kids running around to find the time! I say, just enjoy your sweet little girl and don't worry about it. That's what I've been doing! :)

  2. It's hard to find time to exercise when you have a tiny one. (and three others besides!) Heck, it's hard any time really! I agree with Kristen!

  3. have a beautiful baby girl!

  4. Pros: well I probably shouldn't write it.

  5. My friend who is a nutritionist said we need at least 200 more calories when we're nursing, so when they told you your weight they didn't mean that you should be losing weight. There is a difference. By the way you look great.


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