Monday, September 28, 2009

One of those random pajama parties that happen sometime

One Friday afternoon, as soon as my kids came from school they wanted to have a pajama party and invite the neighborhood. Since you are only a kid once, I let them. I asked what they were going to do at the party and they announced that they would play games and eat cookies. I asked if they made any cookies, and they shook their heads in confusion. Don't cookies just appear out of nowhere?
Luckily their dad took pity on them and made each kid a cup of popcorn. It was a hot day! Poor Q (in the long red PJ's). To be a kid again..
I've been informed that a Witches and Wizards party is coming soon. Oi.


  1. Julie, you are a fun mom. I love how you were totally game to let the kids have a party. Cute pictures.

  2. Thanks for the warning...I will start looking for our myriad of capes :)
    These guys totally crack me up and I'm not sure if I should be embarassed that Q took his robot pillow or not :)

  3. Sometimes I want to be a kid again...
    You guys are fun parents! Way to go. Your kids will remember that.

  4. That is so cute, Julie! That totally made my night! :)

  5. I love it! All they need is the word party and then some kind of snack.

  6. Zach had a great time. He thought it was so cool that he had a party to go too. You are a nice mom!


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