Saturday, September 19, 2009


Someone was nice enough to request (or humor me :) for the tutorials on some of my projects I have posted. Here goes:

Rag Bag: My way-got the purse at DI. Pinned one of my hair flowers to the top.

Lined basket: My way-Didn't use pinking shears, just sewing scissors. I did sew the raw edges down at the top.

Tile-pendant necklace:My way- Tristan got the tiles at Home Depot. Not as smooth as clear as the ones on the tutorial, but still unique and cool. Also couldn't find diamond glass around so I just traced the scrapbook paper around the tile, mod podged it to the tile, then mod podged it to the back, then used jewelry glue to attach the bail to the back.


  1. **wink** Thanks Boog!

    (I'm in a craft group and when it's at my house I am always looking for something fun, easy and fast to make. I'm finding lots of ideas here! You're awesome!!)

  2. No one is humoring need to just accept that you are a crafting goddess! I am always impressed with all the things you are creating and accomplishing with your busy life!


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