Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Indian days of summer

Where did we get that saying anyway?
Anyway, it definitely doesn't feel like fall yet around yet. It feels more like we should be getting the slip n slide out than sending kids off to school. I like it. I know people who are from hot climates can't wait for fall, but I'm Ok with more heat. Mostly because around here it seems like you get about a week of jacket weather before you are in a deep freeze for many months.

Anyway, need some ways to keep summer alive? Here are two treats we have tried recently that scream summer. (sorry no visuals today)
1) Old fashioned lemonade: This is so yummy and tastes just like something you would get at fair or Disneyland or something.
2) Watermelon Bars: I love watermelon and always wondered if you could make something out of it. I tried this tonight for ladies cheesecake night (I know it's not really cheesecake. I was going to introduce fall by making pumpkin cheesecake when I decided to make this instead) I made it this morning and I had to sample it to make sure it was edible. Yum!

A little more work than I have putting into baking lately (which if it doesn't come in a box, it doesn't get made) but worth the effort. I actually bought whipping cream instead of heavy cream on accident, but I think it works fine. La Tisha-you can copy my recipe tonight with this link.



  1. I am glad you didn't make pumpkin cheesecake because that is what I made!!

  2. Way to keep summer alive. I haven't felt like baking either.

  3. I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I would be happy with a little more summer!


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