Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eating my way around town

I don't consider myself a real "foodie". I don't really like spending hours cooking only to have all my hard work dissapear within minutes, with only a slight chance of getting a thank you.

But, I do like to trying and hearing about yummy, inventive and flavorful foods. I love the show "The Best Thing I ever ate" on the Food Network. I want to try all of the things on there.

Anyway, we also really don't go out to eat very often. Maybe once every month or two. So when it is so rare, we don't want to be dissapointed so we end up going with the sure bet and going to the same place a lot.

So, I'm going to make a list of places around here I want to try. It may takes months or years to actually try them, but eventually we might get through them. The list is on the sidebar and I will review it if we get to it.

Last night we went to Picketts Bambino by Freeman Park. I guess they started in Rigby and just opened one here. What is a bambino? Basically a filled scone. You can get pizza fillings, cheese, chicken, BBQ, etc. They also have dessert ones. We had a chocolate carmel one. Yum. I think I will try the raspberry cream one next time. For being fried, they didn't feel greasy.

It was also cheap. We had a BOGO coupon, so we both got a bambino, shared fries and a dessert bambino for around $5.70! Cheap! We didn't have the stuffed to the brim, I just gorged myself feeling but we were fine. If you want to get super full I might try two.

I would go back. Maybe this summer we could take the kids on the way to play and picnic at Freeman Park.
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Do you have any local favorites that you need to share?



  1. When I was working at the middle school we would have bambinos on the al a carte for lunch. They charged the kids $2. It was a popular lunch and seemed to fill up the students. I would eat it about once a month. I was on my diet then and bambinos would be my cheat treat.

  2. I love the bambinos. Blair and I actually ate bambinos on our first date back when they just had them at the pizzeria place in Rigby. In fact, we had bambinos last night too with my family.

  3. I also love Bambinos! I have had them in Rigby before, I didn't know they had them in town now.

    Have you ever had sushi? We really like the Blue Hashi here in town. It's expensive. We usually go on our birthdays and that's it. It's not too fishy, I promise!

  4. I saw that you had Pachangas on your places to eat. I highly recommend it. I truly have NEVER had better Mexican (and I live about an hour from Mexico) and it's really not that pricey. Dang it Julie, now I want Pachangas. MMmmmmmm. Guess where I'll be stopping when I come to town next time. I can't wait to try Bambinos!!!


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