Saturday, March 6, 2010

What letter can YOU get to in one day contest

Ok, I know I'm weird. Probably it comes from being the middle of tax season and not having a husband to keep my sanity. But just humor me Ok!!
This post starts a"what letter can you get to contest?"
What does this mean?
I want to know which friend of mine runs around town the most. So, each morning your house is a and then count each stop and each stop gets assigned a letter.
For example this is my day so far today:
a: My house
b: Bread Store
c: Pizza Hut for Book It Pizzas
d: Hillcrest for Bountiful Basket pickup
e: My husbands office to clean
f: Bakers Dozen for free donuts
g: my house
h: my sister--in-laws house to drop off her half of the Bountiful Basket
i: my house

So, if I went no where else today I would be a letter I.
You don't have to write each stop (but you can if you want to), you can just enter the letter you got to that day. You can enter every day, I will just count the entry with the farthest letter. Just be honest!

Also, you don't have to be the driver. So, if you are in the car and your husband is driving you can count that. You can't count your spouses stops if you are not in the car with him.

The two people who gets the farthest letter will win a fabulous prize from me. This contest will end next Thursday night (March 11).


  1. Are you saying I actually need to leave my house? I will humor you...anything to survive tax season right?

  2. I drive around a lot. This is what I have done today (Sat)
    a. my house
    b. recycle bin
    c. parkway eyecare & laminate place
    d. Robert's
    e. drop off Hattie at Birthday party
    f. Shopko
    g. Sam's club
    h. bank
    i. bed bath & beyond & sportsmans
    j. pick up Hattie
    k. home

  3. I'll play too. This is fun! I'm not sure I'll make it very far today tho. Maybe on a school day!

    a. my house
    b. the airport
    c. my house
    d. sonic's drive thru
    e. wal-mart
    f. blockbuster
    g. JCPenny
    h. 3 margarita's dinner
    i. home

  4. Saturday:
    a. My house
    b. Kate's Baptism
    c. Sonic drive through
    d. Albertsons for groceries
    e. Home
    f. Hillcrest to pick up my BB
    g. Jeff's house to watch the kids
    h. home
    i. In-laws for a visit
    j. Olive Garden
    k. Sam's Club
    l. Wal-Mart
    m. Walgreens to hit the RedBox
    n. Legends Gas Station
    o. home

  5. I went on a date with Tristan, so this is the rest of my Saturday.
    J. Moms house to drop off kids
    K. Picketts Bambino for dinner
    L. Deseret Book
    M. Seagull Book
    N. Target
    O. Pick up kids
    P. Home

    This day would be way more than average but I got to P

  6. Okay, here's my Saturday:
    a. Apple
    b. park to jog and play
    c. Sam's Club
    d. home
    e. walmart
    f. pick up babysitter
    g. pick up friends
    h. home
    i. Stockman's for dinner
    j. Bowl-ero
    k. Blast-off for lazer tag
    l. Sundae's
    m. take friends home
    n. Walmart (again; forgot some things!)
    o. home
    p. take babysitter home
    q. home to stay (finally)Phew!
    A busy, fun day!!

  7. Boring day.

  8. A - Newport Heights Elementary
    b - Tyee Middle School
    c - home
    d - Rehab therapy
    e - home
    f - Newport Heights
    g - home
    h - Newport High School
    i - Driver's License office
    j - Fred Meyer
    K - Tyee Middle School
    l - Target
    m - Burrells
    n - home
    o - Factoria LDS bldg
    p - home
    q - Stake Center
    r - home
    s - Factoria LDS
    t - home
    u - Stake Center
    v - home

    How's that for in and out?!?!? We expect the garage door to wear out well before the warranty expires.

    If I should happen to win, no need to send me a prize. The thanks my family gives me is reward enough (HAAAAAA!!!!!)

  9. a. my house
    b. hillview elementary
    c. kohl's
    d. home
    e. kohl's
    f. sandcreek
    g. drop off Nate
    h. drop off Brandon
    i. home
    j. take brock to piano
    k. home
    l. pick up brock from piano
    m. home
    n. Rigby High School (dance competition)
    o. Mcdonalds
    p. Redbox
    q. Home for the evening

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  11. Yesterday
    a. home
    b. drop off kids at moms
    c. chiro
    d. pick up kids
    e. drop off T at friends house
    f. home
    g. walgreens
    h. winco
    i. home

  12. a. home
    b. Tammie's PTO meeting
    c. home
    d. Kristy's Primary meeting
    e. home
    f. Breanna to piano
    g. Hattie to dance
    h. Walgreens
    i. Pick up Hattie
    j. pick up Breanna
    k. home
    l. take Alli home
    m. home

  13. Julie, I knew that Tuesday would be a busy day for me. This is how my day went down. I think this is so fun!

    a. House
    b. Exercise with friend
    c. House
    d. Ortho (wires had to be removed)
    e. JCP (closed couldn't return items yet!)
    f. Target (returned more items)
    g. Dentist for cleaning (me & Porter)
    h. House
    i. Back to Ortho. for new wires to be put in
    j. Bank
    k. Back to JCP (they were open)
    l. Rachel's House. Sad she wasn't there! :(
    m. House
    n. Piano Lesson pick-up
    o. House
    p. Dodson House (piano kid drop off!)
    q. House
    r. Baseball practice for Ty
    s. House

  14. yesterday--
    a. home
    b. pick up hattie from dance
    c. home
    d. achievement days
    e. home
    f. drive around eagle point
    g. home
    h. Murdock's house
    i. home

  15. Today
    a. home
    b. Grma Anderson's drop off kids
    c. Dog groomer drop off dogs
    d. YMCA
    e. Seagull book
    f. Bread Store
    g. home
    h. Dog grommer pick up dogs
    i. home
    j. Grandma Anderson's pick up kids.
    k. home

    Thanks Julie it was kind of fun to see where I went in one day. And this week is a little less busy than most!! BTW I am planning on staying home most of the day tomorrow!!


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