Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love you because I like you

My funny boys:

Last night we were putting the boys to bed and Tristan told T that he loved him. When he shut the door T shouted, "I love you because I like you!"

And us to the boys on Sunday, "Do you want to take a shower or a bath?"

T, "I want to take a shower but without the raindrops on my head."


And yesterday B wasn't digging the homework idea. "Homework is such a waste of time. I already know everything and plus it is a waste of trees."

I didn't know I was raising such an earth conscious granola!



  1. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh, I needed one this morning.

  2. Funny! I love the stuff my kids say. It's good you wrote it down!

  3. Very funny, especially the tree hugger comment.


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