Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Yellowstone Trip

Photobucket Tristan and his brother decided we should do a babysitting exchange so we could go to Yellowstone without the kids. At first, I was a little hesistant. I'm without kids! We should go somewhere more exotic. But, I have to say we could see a lot more without tired little ones. I much more appreciate how amazing Yellowstone is as an adult. It has every kind of landscape and terrain possible.

Makes me want to go to the Caribbean again!

Photobucket We learned quickly that taking the off roads were definetly worth it. Except this one was a little boring, until we saw this guy right next to the road. Tristan dared me to take a picture when we got next to it. I squinted my eyes, held my breath and took this picture:



Petrified tree.


Lower falls. We hiked down to take a closer look.
Photobucket West Thumb part of Yellowstone Lake.

Photobucket A little geyser right next to the water.

It's amazing that every geyser is different. It was nice not to just do the loop to Old Faithful and have all the kids be tired out. It's pretty freaky to think that all of this is so close to where we live. I guess we now know how we are going to go down in the end!

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  1. It was fun to swap. At first I was thinking an anniversary inn would be more fun but you got to love the Hibernation Station.


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