Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 Happy Years

Nine years ago today, Tristan and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple for time and all eternity. In some ways in seems fast and I can't believe it's been that long.

In other ways it seems like we have been married for longer than that. We actually met in the 7th grade. Scary, I know!

He asked me out at a 7th grade dance, but I had to tell him we were too young. We were kind of distant friends for a while, and then he asked me out again when I turned 16. We dated a few other people, but were mostly together ever since.

We got engaged on September 11th,1999 (two weeks after he got home) and married on December 17th 1999.

Things I love about Tristan:

1)He works hard for our family even when he hates his job during tax season.
2) He spends quality time with his family and comes to all games, performances etc.
3) He is a very sweet and attentive to me and supportive of my hobbies.
4) He honors his priesthood and is very faithful in his callings.
5) He has a terrific sense of humor.
6) He takes care of our money and makes me feel secure. He is frugal when he needs to be, but also doesn't mind spend spending money on trips, etc that help build family memories.
I love you babe! Can't wait to spend the rest of our lives and eternity together!
First dance with Josh. Whe knew we would live 2 houses down?

Last dance, Senior Commencement in a Limo
He was pretty hot with a tan after umpiring all summer. (He's still hot with his Mormon dad tan!)

One Kid
2 Kids
3 Kids
No Kids!


  1. Happy Anniversary! remember your wedding shower and that sweet nighty my G-ma gave you? I bet you wear it all the time ha ha!!!! Those pics are great, you guys are a cute couple!

  2. FOUR KIDS! Hooray that you met - fell in love - married and met us! You guys are great! Happy NINE years!

  3. Love this post! I remember going to your reception like it was yesterday...9 years?! Seriously?! I can't believe how young you guys look in the Commencement photo. You don't realize how much you change until you look back at old photos.

    PS-Tristan knew what he wanted a long time ago. :-) You guys are great together.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I always loved you and Tristan together. Just seemed perfect! :) xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary. It all seems like just yesterday. I remember hanging out when he was on his mission and now you have been married nine years WOW! I'm glad we found each other again.

  6. These pictures are just awesome. I love seeing the ones of you guys together while at HHS. You seriously live just 2 houses away from Josh? Who did he marry? Happy Anniversary of 9 years. You guys are so great together.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I do remember you telling me that kissing in that limo was pretty great! Ha ha! Good thing you married him! Just kidding!

  8. Loved seeing those pictures, since I didn't know you back then. You haven't changed at all. What a cute couple!

  9. Happy Anniversary. I liked seeing all the family pictures as your family grew. Brandon was such a cute baby.


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