Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the John home

I decided since we spend so much time buying, storing, and decorating for Christmas that you are the lucky people who get to appreciate it. Aren't you glad you checked my blog?

Last year we decided to collect ornaments for souvenirs when we went places.
This is a fun way to remember all of the places we've been and the kids love reminiscing.

I used to have a "theme" tree of purple and silver, but kids just like a fun collection of ornaments. Maybe someday...

Disneyworld with no kids:
St. Maarten:Disneyworld with kids:

Dreamcatcher from the Grand Canyon:
It doesn't have to be an official ornament, you can hang most anything. This toy
we got canoeing in Island Park with my parents. "Norway" at Epcot Center:

Nativity Collection: Not as big as my mother-in-laws but we are getting a few.
We got this for our wedding. One advantage of getting married in December.

Wouldn't my Beehive leader be impressed that I still have this!

Gift from my visiting teachers last year:

When Brandon was a toddler and kept wanting to play with my nice nativity, we
decided a toy one was a must. Plus, I have small obsession with Little People.
We have the Little People Thanksgiving, this, the Easter Parade, and we just
ordered the Christmas Parade and Birthday set. Gotta love decorations kids
can play with.

Julie gets crafty. I bought the snowman and Santa from Old Navy a few years ago
and didn't want to get rid of them to have matching stockings, so I made the rest.

Got this on 40% off day at Roberts. Love it!
Fun solar-powered snowmen I got on clearance after Christmas last year.

I decided that now that my basement is finished that I might want to open presents down there. So Tristan got this deal on Black Friday. The bright lights are seashells to match my beach theme!

Well, thanks for humoring me. What does your house look like for Christmas?


  1. Fun! I'm so jealous! I would love to put my Christmas stuff up the day after Thanksgiving, but it is tradition that we go up in the Mountains with Justin's whole family to cut down our own trees so I am at the mercy of waiting till everyone can go this Saturday. We also have a plethura of fun sentimental ornaments

  2. I love the idea of collecting ornaments from where you've been. What fun. I love your Nativity Set. So pretty. We have the Little People one too and my kids love it. It's perfect. How fun to have 2 trees. More places for Santa to put his presents.

  3. Great decorations! I've always wanted a nice nativity, but I don't have one. Maybe next year....

  4. My mom did that ornament tradition with us growing up. She just got us one of something we did or happened to us that year. Its so fun to unwrap them every year and remember stuff. Bad part she got me alot that had to do with a certain boyfriend...what do I do with those? HA ha. Your trees look GREAT! How cute of Tristan to get you those lights.

  5. I love the ornament idea. My mom gave us one each year when we were growing up. I started doing that with Kambria. And I am very impressed with your stockings! Way to go!

  6. You are so crafty! Love ALL of your ideas. You have made me think a little, which is a good thing now days for me. ;) You are such a fun and great Mom. I absolutely love the nativity set that the kids can play with. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT!! :) xoxo

  7. Good job on the stockings. So did you order the little people stuff for christmas gifts for your boys? Remember how I told you that I got Zach and Tyson the roller coaster.....well, I had Mitch return it today.

  8. Um...I think at this moment Jeff is putting lights up, and I did get two boxes in from the garage where they have been since last summer's basement flood...I just have to find the other boxes and take down the Halloween stuff...yes, Halloween. I am NEVER home. Maybe Friday night??? Wait, Hunter has a campout. Sheesh. Sunday then?


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