Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Exchange

Every year, we get to about this time of year and Tristan and I say to each other, "We really should let the kids draw names this year."

But, then we think we've already spent too much already, we should really do that next year.

This year the same thing happened, but we decided just to save one gift each for their Birthdays and let the kids draw names.

Giving gifts is really one of the best parts of Christmas. There is nothing like anticipating watching someone open that gift that you thought so much about.

So, we drew names. I took Tyce to buy Brandon's while Creighton was at preschool. Since he is still clueless, it was easy.

But, tonight I took Creighton with visions of him lovingly thinking about Tyce dancing in my head.

It is definitely a learning process for both child and parent. It is their present, even if the recipient would never play with it, or it is something the giver would want, or for $1 more you could get a way cooler thing, it is their decision.

Maybe next year the kids will be thinking more about what their person would want and mom can just let it go.

It's not the end of the world.

Do you exchange gifts at Christmas? Do you give suggestions or just let them go?


  1. Julie--cute blog post. Gee...I have no advice for you there. When Sam gets old enough to care about anything other than wrapping paper I'll give my 2 cents!

    Oh, and, yeah, I'm with you on the Vicky thing...isn't she a real meanie!? I wish more of the nice people made it that far. Oh well.

  2. We decided to have the kids draw names a couple years ago. I have them earn allowance and then they have to spend their own money on whichever family member they drew. I also make them spend their own money on whichever gifts they want to give their friends. I make them start saving allowance in October so that they will have enough money. Usually I take them each individually to buy the gifts. They actually do ok as long as I keep reminding them that they are not buying gifts for themselves. I think it gets easier each year.

  3. You have got to be one of the funnest Mom's. :) I wish we could just let our kids go, so that it would teach the ones receiving the gift that it was the thought that counted. I do end up talking them into a gift though. "I think she will hug you 10 times if you give her this one!" ...that is, compared to the 5 you think you'll get for the one you chose. ;) Ahh, the thought of being a Mom watching her children grow with no input and letting them learn for themselves... probably won't always happen on this side of the fence~ :) Merry Christmas, Julie!

  4. We started exchanging names about 3 years ago. We include Mitch and I's name in the drawing. The kids usually come up with their own ideas but we'll give suggestions if they need. In the past years I have always paid for the gifts, but this year we had them start saving all allowance in October and then we will match what they have since they don't make very much and we want them to be nice gifts.

  5. Tyler wanted to draw names this year. So this weekend we will take the kids shopping and let them choose things for their siblings and us. It should be interesting, but I seriously have to put in my two cents about what they should buy for that person. Cuz I don't like to waste money on something they won't like.

  6. We also started this a few years ago and add mom and dad to the names. The younger ones need some help thinking of gifts the reciever would like, instead of what they would like, but the older kids are getting really good at it and they get excited waiting to see their reaction! It's heartwarming to see.

  7. We have always done some dort of drawing, or group gift. Last year and this year w have decided to do hand made gifts.
    Last year H made C a fantastic airplane out of wood, C and T made pillows for their person and Q stuffed a pillow :) This year C is making a box for H's ham radio stuff, H is carving a shark for C out of wood, T is making suckers for Q (one for every day of the year...or so he thinks, they for sure own't last that long!) and Q isn't sure yet...I love that they are at ages where they are putting so much thought into their giving.


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