Friday, March 6, 2009

Curtains done, Today's Favorite, and the Sugar Update

This week's project was curtains for my babies room. I think they turned out good. I think they look bad in pictures though. They don't look this circussy in real-life.

My favorite of the day is: Getting magazines in the mail. Magazines are one of my favorite gifts to receive. When I was a teenager I got 17 for awhile, until my mom discovered how nasty it was. (And it was). Then she got me Self. I devoured it. As an adult I've gotten In-Style (very worldly), Oprah (some good articles, but not a lot that seemed like for real life people), Rosie (she had some good craft ideas before she became a wack-o), Family Fun (love it), and for two years in a row my SIL gave me Creating Keepsake for Christmas.
This one has been my favorite so far. Even if I don't use a lot of the ideas, I love looking through it and seeing all of the happy, fun ideas. I have kept every issue and when I need an idea I still look through them.
When she didn't get my name this last year, I decided I could live without them. I thought about asking for another year for my Birthday, but I missed getting them a lot. So, I just ordered another 2 years for $30. I figured it was giving me $1.25 a month of happiness.
With everything going on, you try to cut out non-essentials so I decided I really didn't need these. But, then my husband said he was going to spend some money upgrading our TV package this summer so he could get his favorite baseball games. There is some things in life that are necessities, but just make life worth living. Mine is a good magazine, his is baseball. What is yours?
Sugar update: I made it though one day and it was hard. We are having a family get together tonight that I have to live through. The problem with me is that I don't go grocery shopping every week to get all of those fresh fruits and veggies. I'm going to try to go on Monday and I will try that green drink and share how I liked it.


  1. Good luck with your green drink. I'm still impressed with your desire to do this while you are pregnant. It's fun to sit and read a good magazine. Oh and the curtains look great. How fun.

  2. Love the curtains they look awesome, I love the colors too. I think it is so funny that everyone thinks the green drink is nasty, I am sure if I made it and didn't tell them what it was they would like it. If a 3 year old drinks it you know it can be that bad. He will drink a whole big cup we call it strawberry banana drink. Good Luck tonight

  3. Your curtains look way cute! One of the things I can't live without is scrapbooking. I love looking at pictures and love having a way to organize my memories. That's probably what I spend the most on, but it's worth it. You are my hero going without sugar for two weeks. I should try it, but know I would fail miserably right now with the cadbury mini eggs around.

  4. I used to get Creating Keepsake & Family Fun. I used to get Paper Crafts too. That was a fun one. Now I am getting Women's Day and just ordered Readers Digest.

    I used to get 17 when I was a kid. You cracked me up. I don't remember it being nasty, but I'm sure it was.

    I love magazine too Julie. One of my favorite things to do is read a magazine.

    Cute curtains!

  5. Fancy! Fancy! Your little girl is going to love her room!

    You amaze me with all the things you get accomplished!

  6. The curtains look great! Good job. I love reading and looking through magazines too.

  7. I love a magazine too, but I am a tactile person. It doesn't matter whether its The Newspaper, book, Pottery Barn, LL Bean, Taste of Home or Martha Stewart. I like to thumb through them, the internet is fun for somethings, but I don't have the patience to read things like that on the computer. For me the computer is a research tool, the tactileness of mags etc is a relaxation tool.
    Love the curtains, did you make them or buy them???

  8. The curtains are so cute! I love the colors you chose. I too love magazines but rarely buy them. They are fun to read and relax with.


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