Sunday, March 29, 2009

A snapshot of Spring Break thus far...

This weekend I braved taking the boys to Utah by myself to see my niece be baptized. I always love being able to witness those special times as it reminds me what is important and how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We got there on Friday and B got to ride their pony Sparky. Their grass is already turning green.

Since it is Spring Break, and my husband is still a tax-working machine I thought about staying
there Saturday night and coming back today. I'm glad I didn't because this is what I would be driving in....
And these are the people I would be driving home with... C who is one sick little boy, complete with strep throat, fever, tummy ache, headache, you name it.

And this guy T, who isn't sick but can be special even when he isn't. Here he is recovering from our trip.Hope you are having a warm and healthy Spring Break. But, don't tell me too much about. J/K I can handle it. As was the opening hymn in church today, at least there is sunshine in my soul today!


  1. I hope that C gets better soon. It's no fun being sick.

  2. Bummer that your kids are sick. I'm so sorry. That weather looks awful. My mom left today to come and visit me, and she drove in that snow. I can't believe the snow in March. How annoying. I hope your kids get better soon and you have a fun Spring Break.

  3. Sick kids are no fun! And snow in March is no fun either! I am so sick of it. I don't think it should be allowed to hit the upper 60's and then snow again. It's cruel!

  4. Poor C...he looks miserable. I'm ready for some warm weather!!

  5. Your poor boys.....I hope they are feeling better now!

    We did come home from SLC on Sunday and it was terrifying. It was dumping snow, the roads were icy, and visibility was about 200 yards. Naturally, the interstate was still busy. We were in the far lane when a black truck tried to side-swipe us. When he realized we were there, he frantically swerved and fishtailed into the other 3 lanes. Luckily, no one got hurt and everyone slowed way down. I realized at that moment how much I like living..... :D

  6. We ended up cancelling our Utah trip because of sick kids. And, I am not a fan of this spring snow! It is the worst!!!


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