Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts on couponing...

So, couponing has become a big thing around here. I would dabble here and there, stock up on oatmeal at Albertsons when it was on sale. But lately, I have been reading the blogs that are listed here.

It's amazing what these people figure out. It takes an incredible amount of time making lists, organizing, gathering and printing coupons, and going to Wal-greens 5 times until I could finally the Sense and Spray air freshener in stock that I got for free. (I got the last two)

Don't get me wrong, I think you can get some incredible deals. I haven't posted them because sometimes when someone else posts what great deals they got, I say, how did they do that? I need to do that. I'm not getting every possible deal out there. I would feel obligated to explain how I did it, and most of the time I don't know where I got the coupons or how it really worked out in the end. If you are interested I would go check out those blogs.

Some work out really well, some not so much. I read somewhere how to take about 15 steps to get 5 packages of diapers for $1, and I end up getting them for $30. The thing is that I'm not even sure if that is a good deal. When my life was simple, I would just get the store brand at Sam's. If I was super mom I would make a spreadsheet on price per diaper there, and then compare. But my kids are already so sick of going to so many stores for deals, then I can't imagine doing that!

Plus, I also feel that I'm buying stuff that I normally wouldn't buy because I usually buy generic. You get a lot of name brand foods, but cheap is cheap and free is even cheaper.

I guess I need to find some balance. On Saturday morning I was yelling at my kids to get in the dang car so we could get the free Thomas. Plus I ignore them a lot searching for coupons. Every Monday and Wednesday we have been getting free codes for Redbox (Did you know that Wal-greens has a RedBox now?)

I guess I can figure this is my part time job to save money. But maybe I should set aside certain times of the week to check it out. Will I stop? No, but I should find a balance.

Well, we've got to go get our B1G1 sundaes at Baskin Robbins for FHE, and then when the kids go to bed I've got to go to Wal-greens then K-mart and Albertsons for their double coupons. Wish me luck.


  1. You are so funny! I feel the same as you! But it sure is fun to come home with a bag full of groceries that cost $5 or less. :) Hey when are you going to post one of your stories?

  2. I have given up on couponing!! It takes to much time and too much running around. IF it is convienent then I will use a coupon--if not then I just buy what I use and know that I will use!! That is horrible huh?? Oh well I can't handle the effort!!

  3. I also have mixed feelings about couponing. I wonder if all the work is really worth it. I do keep my eyes out for sales that I know will save me money, but that's about it. I'm not a fan of shopping and try to go as little as possible, so I don't think I would enjoy going to all the work. I hope you find a balance with it. Good luck!

  4. I noticed on Saturday that Walgreens has a RedBox now and I am so excited. I love RedBox. How do you get free codes? I am confused, what coupon sites do you go to?

  5. So, it is your fault that my bathrooms stink! I have been haunting the Walgreens for weeks trying to get my free Sense and Spray air fresheners--now I know! Just kidding......

    I have spent hours figuring out "great deals". For the most part, I do save a lot of money. But there always seems to be a lot of arguing with ignorant cashiers (By ignorant, I mean they don't know the fine are of couponing) Or I accidently leave my coupons at home--which is very annoying. Couponing is not always stress free....but worth it in the end.

  6. Okay, I don't even know what a RedBox is??

    I have zero patience for coupon searching. The extreme I go to is checking ads online only on Wednesdays when I remember.

    I do love a good deal, but it has to be an easy breezy deal!

  7. Since you did take the air fresheners, I think the decent thing for you would be to come over and clean my bathrooms....I will be expecting your call! :D Love you Julie!


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