Monday, May 24, 2010

Falling into the weird category...

Awhile ago we were at Home Depot when the girl C needed a diaper change. We made our way back to the bathroom and saw an old lady pushing a blanket-covered stroller into the bathroom. A little strange, but whatev.
As I was changing her, all of the sudden I felt a little nip at the back of my legs and a little dog in a dress was there. The old lady was yelling from her stall, "Heidi, you get back here!"
To each his own I guess!


  1. that is funny. My mom said that down in Yuma the older people carry and stroller their dogs around everywhere.

  2. That dog was probably trying to say, "HELP!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! SHE PUT ME IN A DRESS! A DRESS, I SAY! I AM A DOG, NOT A KID! 911!!!" Poor pooch.

  3. That is pretty funny! Poor dog. Thanks for the idea to link the church site on your blog. I am copying you :P


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