Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we got to the Homestead resort with my siblings (except for one who lives in NM-we missed you Shar!). On Saturday, my baby turned one!! Not fair, my little sweetie girl! She enjoyed her cupcake even though it was a little chilly. Don't mind the flat hair and no makeuped me-I just got out of the pool, Ok!!

On Saturday morning was the big race. Yes, you might remember that I was going to do the 5K. I chickened out. I am proud to say that I can do a 5K on my elliptical though. Maybe someday. But, B&C did the Kid Race with their cousins and did a great job.


It was a super cool place with great pools and a gorgeous landscape.

And here is what the do looks like without the help of chlorine.
School is over! Here is C and his friend at graduation.


  1. Your new do is super cute! It's fun to try something new!

  2. How fun! And how cute is your hair! I love it! I can't believe your little girl is one already. Time flies...

  3. Way cute hair! You must have taken Krista's class!


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