Friday, February 27, 2009

Falling under the-I can't believe I'm saying this category

Today's favorite is something I would never in a million years consider to be a favorite.
I had a few other things in mind, but I decided I needed to count my blessings.

Today's favorite season. Yes, you heard me tax season. I had heard what tax season was like before we were out of college. T grew up with his dad as a CPA, my SIL had already lived a few years through it. It didn't sound fun. And don't get me wrong, it's not that fun.

But, being 23 when we bought this house and T started tax season I was still young and selfish. I was inconvenienced. It was all about me! I was home alone with little kids. I didn't have a husband. Well, time and maturity tends to change ones perspective.

A very dear loved one lost a job this week. So, can I really complain that T has too much work?
No, I can't. Here are the reasons I love tax season:

1) Self-employment has it's advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that he won't be laid off. Business might go down, but he won't be fired.

2) Absence makes the heart grow stronger. I love that my husband will work 70 plus hours of stressful work to take care of us and allow me to stay home.

3) I love that it makes him want to live life after it's all over. He loves to spend time together and go on trips, etc. because it somehow it makes it all worth it.

4) It's the best time of year for it. Holidays are over, the weather still stinks, not much going on anyway.

5) Taxes are just going to get harder and more complicated, giving us job security.

6) I get to winess that honesty pays off. They try to be honest in every way possible in their business, and the business (and us) are blessed.

6) Like all things, it ends!

This is not to say that I still won't have an attitude at times. If I do, I should re-read this.
And some years are harder than others. This year everyone is old enough to play and not need me every second (just every other).

The other thing that is my favorite today is parent payday moments. I always wonder how my kids are doing and if they are gaining a testimony.

B has been reading the New Testament reader and he came out of his room last night so excited and said, "I know why the church was taken off of the earth! All of the apostles died and there was no church until Joseph Smith came!" He had finished the whole thing in less than two weeks. It is exciting to see testimonies being born.


  1. Great post, Julie! You have a great attitude. I love parent payday moments too! Your example was terrific.

  2. You are so funny! You just need to re-read this everyday!
    Who lost their job if you don't mind me asking? And who were you praying for on facebook the other day?
    Love ya
    Can't wait to see you in two weeks!

  3. I've heard that Tax Season is the worst for the wives. But you are right, there are a ton of benefits that come with it. Keep up with the great attitude and I'm sure the rest of the time will fly by! :)

  4. I think your tax day countdown is hilarious! My hubby pulled a 55 hour week and I just said that I was grateful that he had a job, even though he seemed to be gone a lot this week.


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