Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm living with a (holiday) Nazi

So, I'm not sure what happened to B, but he has become obsessed to the point of annoying about holidays.

Maybe it all started when I gave him a friend Birthday party at age 4. Three years later he is barely starting to differentiate the difference between a Birthday PARTY and a Birthday. (One being a celebration and one being the day on which one was born. This is an issue because 2 of my 3 kids have tax season birthdays, therefore we have to celebrate with families on the weekends sometimes)

Anyway, starting in January he decided he wanted to be a Ninja, so he turned his black PJ top backwards and wore black PJ's bottoms as soon as he got home from school, slept in the them and then started the process over. And of course little brothers have to follow suit.

A little annoying, especially if one wanted to leave the house and all of my kids are looking ridiculous, but a cute little stage that will pass right? Wrong.

So, Valentines Day is getting closer and he now a red Ninja, day and night. As soon as Valentines Day is over he is now a green Ninja for St. Patricks day. The only all green clothes he has is a church sweater and the nastiest hand-me-down green PJ pants with stains and holes everywhere.

I'm trying to be tolerant but this is driving me crazy. You can only wear the same clothes for so long! I told him today that if I didn't find those green clothes in the laundry they might accidentally end up in the garbage. He sufficed himself by finding a decent green shirt to wear to school.

Look at the calendar people, St. Patricks day is one month from today! We don't need to celebrate that for a month. When I was growing up, hopefully you remembered to wear green that day and giggled all day at the thought of being pinched. Maybe someone wore green underwear so they could pinch back all day. That was the extent of it.

Maybe it's my fault. My sister told me that a leprachuan came to her house during the night and turned the milk green, so I invited a leprachuan to my house to do the same. He turns the milk and the waffle batter green during the night.

B has also been crossing off the days on the calendar in pink for V-day. Today he started marking it off in green. He also told me that if I found time today I should make some green juice.

Cute, but annoying at the same time.


  1. That is sooooo funny, I can't stop laughing, but then again I am not the one living with the holiday Nazi! Good luck.

  2. What a funny kid. You gotta love the crazy things they obsess over.

  3. That seriously cracks me up! I can just picture him in his green church sweater and holey PJ pants...where's the picture? Haha! Oh, the things mothers go through. Thanks for the laugh. You gotta admit, he is creative though.

  4. That's one crazy kid. Good luck trying to survive the next month. What will he do after Easter? It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

  5. So clever!! I'm curious to see what he'll do with Easter. :-D

  6. We do green scrambled eggs on St. Patrick's day and oddly, our leprechaun leaves kisses all over :) It's fun when you have a 3/17 birthday in your house...makes the day extra special for him.


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