Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random photo tag

You've been tagged. Here is what you do: grab your camera and take at least 5 random pictures around your house. No cleaning up first, this is your house as is:

Here is some catergories you could use:
Room that stays the cleanest
Work in progress
What someone else is doing right now
Favorite decor or display
Something that represents your current life
Favorite relaxing spot
Something hand-me-down
Etc. etc.
Work in progress: This is going to be Capri's room. Right now it is a library/junk room.
I got 12 boxes of girl clothes down to 9. Hopefully this will be a room fit for a little princess
in the next couple of months!

Favorite display. I got the clock for $12 at Winco (thanks to my MIL). The surfboard
and the violin are from Cocoa Beach. The frame is from our cruise. All good
memories. (Even Winco)Favorite place to relax. It may be big and not too attractive, but boy is it comfortable.What someone else is doing right now. Jumping from the couch the love sac. Nuf said.
Somethign that represents your life right now. Absent husband. Empty plate
ready for him to reheat dinner and eat by himself.
Room that stays clean. We don't use our living room a lot, but I am glad for a room
that stays (mostly) clean when people come to the front door. A great room for HT's.

Now tag three people: Joy, Tammie, Jana and whoever else wants to play.


  1. I love having a living room too. I loved the picture of your boys jumping from the couch to the love sac. Good mid-air shot!

  2. This is a cute tag. If I could find my camera I'd play along this morning. My house is even somewhat clean. Maybe I'll go look for it. Sorry that your husband is gone so much. That's the pits. Is your comfy chair hard to get out of??


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