Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's 100 Day

At school they get to celebrate 100 day. Today is my 100 day. 100 more days until my due date. And I've gained 100 pounds :)
I was hoping this would be my 100th post, but it is my 98th. It would have been 99, but I deleted one because weird people kept looking at it.
Happy 100 day.

Disclaimer on last post: We tried the quesadillas in the book. You could taste the squash way too much and it didn't go over very well.


  1. Since when do they celebrate the 100 days to go at school? The kids in primary were talking about that today. Anyway, congrats on having 100 days to go. I hope that they go by quickly for you!

  2. What happened to your baby ticker?? There is no way you have gained that many pounds!! You barely even look pregnant!! Hopefully with a little more sunshine the 100 days will go by quickly. And for me that means I will be that much closer to my due date as well!!

  3. 100 days left in your pregnancy is exciting. Too long though! :) J/K. Sydnee just celebrated her 100th day at Kindergarten too! So fun for them. Man, you are so close with your 100th post too!

  4. I want to know what wierd people were looking at your post and what post was it???? Am I wierd????

  5. My baby ticker is at the bottom of my page. I thought since I announced so early people would get sick of looking at it for so long.
    I was just kidding about the 100 pounds. I usually try not to look when the nurse weighs me. Who needs that depression.
    It was the post on the City of Ammon water park. Anonymous people kept looking at on my little list thing, and it was kind of weird. No Tammie, you are not weird!

  6. Congrats! I don't know if I have the motivation to keep with blogging that long....99 posts? That is impressive!

  7. Yay! I am glad that you are getting closer to your due date. I am curious to see a little girl version of the John fam.

    I always loved celebrating 100 day, the kids love it!


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