Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

If anyone has been to my house, you know I love the 4th of July! Who can beat parades, BBQ's water games, and fireworks?

Especially after such a long winter, we are going to enjoy every minute of summer this year.

As you can see, my kids were hot during the parade, but it was worth it to get all of that candy!

My kids were pretty tired after a hard day of playing, but it's unAmerican to miss the fireworks.

So, we borrowed my dads truck and found a side street to park on. (We found out the next day that a pipe bomb was detonated about 1 1/2 blocks from our where we parked.)

Tyce was melting down during the finale, so we left and were home by 10:50.

The next day we went boating with Tristan's aunt and uncle. Tristan and Tyce stayed for 2 hours. The rest of us stayed for 9 hours. The next in the paper there was another report saying there was a boating accident at the same place we were. I guess we were being watched over that weekend!

Our other exciting news is that our basement is almost finished. Last night every last door and touch-up was finally and completely painted. I don't care if I see another spot, we are done!

My dad is working on our vanity, and we have carpet coming on August 1st! We are so excited to have our living room, bedroom, and garage back instead of being storage!

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