Sunday, July 20, 2008

Six Random Things

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Here we go!!
Remember they are six random things--(pretty much the first things that come to my mind :))

1) I got voted most likely to not have any white walls at my last family reunion. I have 12 different colors of paint around my house right now! For coming from a white-walled home I somehow am not fearful when it comes to color! Sometimes I could use a little fear (like when I painted my trim and the color of my laundry room isn't my favorite). I do like the rest of my color though.

2) I am not sentimental when it comes to things. I love to throw away and clean things out. Even though you couldn't tell with my cluttered house.
However, I married the opposite of myself you literally gets sick when it comes to throwing away something you paid actual money for. Right now I think I could throw away 70% of my closet. Does anyone want to nominate me for What not to Wear so I can get a new wardrobe?

3) I have had 5 callings in the last 5 years since we moved into our house: Sunbeams, Activity Days, Nursery, Beehive Advisor, and 2nd Counselor in YW's.

4) I really want a girl. I know I should be Ok if I don't get one, and I should be grateful for my healthy children (and I am), but I'm really going to be REALLY sad and going to Tina for moral support if I don't get one. I want to see what a John baby girl would look like.

5) Like paint colors, I get sick of my hair and like it to change it up a lot (that should be a blog in itself, complete with pictures). I've done super short, dark, light, curly, etc. The only thing I've never really done very well is have it long enough for a pony tail. Right now I am trying to do that. I don't need super-long, just long enough to put it in a pony that doesn't fall out. Any advice for that spontaneous day when I can't stand it and chop it all off?

6) Here is a list of jobs I have had in my life: JJ Norths, Afterthoughts (for one day doing inventory), Starlite Skating, Tautphaus Park Ice Rink, Target, Sears Telemarketing, Waste Connections, MailBoxes, Etc, Disability Resource Center, John and John Acct.

People I'm tagging: Kristen, Krista, Diana, Sharon, Kami, Teasha


  1. I am glad you joined the blogging world. It if fun to check in on your family and learn more about you. I do hope you get a girl. I should be grateful and content for what I have too, but I still want another girl. I am trying to make those feelings change though. I am like Tristan when it comes to getting rid of anything I paid money for. I am a bit of a pack rat. You have had a lot of like change.

  2. I learned a lot about you. Are you guys trying for a little girl? You would love it. I'm sure she'd be adorable. Gosh 5 callings in 5 years. They keep you busy. I loved your house when I saw it a few years ago. Isn't funny how growing up we want to change so many things we get our own house? Too funny! Thanks for the tag.

  3. I like to get rid of clutter too, Julie! I hope you get a little girl someday! I remember at your first baby shower, everything was pink and then Brandon came! Surprise! After that happened to you, I was worried it would happen to me! :-)


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