Saturday, July 12, 2008

The water-lover in me

I don't water-ski, knee-board, or really even know how to swim, but I have a love for water.

The site of the beach makes me giddy. (Hence, the theme for my basement).

So anyway, last night we did something that was a favorite memory of my childhood. It is the closest thing we have to a beach here in good ol' Idaho: We went with my parents to Rigby Lake.

I decided I wanted to float from the shoreline (shown in this picture) to the island. So with my life-jacket on and floating on a tube, I kicked my way across. For a person who only took one year of swimming lessons, this was a big accomplishment!

Brandon thought the water was cold,
but we told him it was probably the warmest
lake he'll ever swim in.

Canoeing a great family activity. Even
Tristan likes it (and he doesn't really
love water that isn't chlorinated!)

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