Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top 9 Reasons I love summer

After a really looong winter (the first snow was the beginning of October and the last snow was mid-June), I was really looking forward to the goodness of summer. I decided to make a list as something to look it during my seasonal depression this year (halfway kidding!). So here goes:

1)Lazy dazy summer days! After being an experienced mother of a school child for one whole year, it is actually a nice break to let the kids sleep as long as they want, with nowhere to be. There's no homework to get done and no volunteering, If the kids want to spend hours in the neighbors rock pile-good on them. Unstructured summer days are one of the best parts of childhood.

2)Which leads us to summer nights! There is nothing better after a hot day, to come out and feel the cool air and let the kids play with the neighbors, or just hang out in your backyard watching the kids play. I never appreciated that Idaho cooled down at night until I lived in Provo. It's not an ocean breeze, but it will do.

3) Summer fruits! I always look forward to the first grapes you can afford of the year, and the first bite after a long winter is cool and so refreshing. This year I splurged on a whole bunch of summer fruits and spent $6 on 2 lbs of blueberries. Usually I'm more frugal than that, but summer comes but once a year. Right now we are getting a bowl of raspberries a night, and are loving raspberries on cereal, on ice cream (or better yet brownies and ice cream), in shakes, etc. I don't know how you could be an atheist and have tasted these precious as gold fruits.

4)Summer BBQ's! What’s better than dinner you didn't cook yourself, more than one side dish to choose from, kids entertained by other kids, and good friends to talk to?

5)The ease of getting kids out the door. No gloves, hats, coats, boots, just grab your sandals and maybe your water bottle and you are out the door. This is especially handy with new babies.

6)Nature! After so many months of no greenery, I have tried to enjoy beautiful things more. These were even found in my own garden. (And we all know how much the Johns have a green thumb)

7)Shaved legs and painted toenails. (On a good day!)

8)The summer sounds of baseball, sprinklers, lawn mowers, and kids laughing. And the summer smells of grilling meat, freshly cut grass, warm children, suncreen, campfires and chlorine.

9) Cheap summer movies! We love going to the summer movie program at the Paramount for 12 movies for 8$. Can't beat that!

Usually I would list fireworks or the big trip as my favorite part of summer (and I still like those things), but this year I tried to appreciate the small things. This isn't to say that I don't love the first nighttime chill that promises fall, or would like to live this unstructured all year long, but I do love summer.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I guess that means your a John by name only!

  2. I agree with you about the unstructured summer. That is one reason why I love it...I can be in charge again and decide what we are going to do. However, by the time school starts I am usually ready to give up some of my freedom. Did you ever find the rest of your supplies yet?

  3. My weakness at the grocery store is fruit. I try not to spend too much money on it, but I figure it's better than buying junk food.

  4. This is a great list Julie. I love all the simple things. It's reminded me that I do need to enjoy every aspect of summer. I'm almost always at the pool, and unloading towels and flip flops from my van. But, I agree, it's easier than coats, gloves, and boots! Thanks for the reminder. This was fun to read.


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